15 Interesting Facts About Women

Most Amazing and Interesting Facts About Women

In honor of the March 8 holiday, we have gathered for you interesting facts about women, very organized creature, what drives their actions and emotions, and why they are so special.

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A woman is truly one of nature’s wonders. She can literally do everything: raise children, move up the professional career, make pancakes, go to parent and teacher meetings, defend the interests of the country on an equal footing with men, move furniture when the apartment is reorganized and do hair and makeup in 6 minutes is no worse than any stylist. The main thing is to have an incentive!

Psychic connections in girls begin to form earlier than in boys in childhood and adolescence.

That’s why women have more developed thought and emotional sphere processes than men.

Caliginephobia, also known as venustraphobia, is nothing more than fear of beautiful women.

As a rule, young people suffer from it and, most of the time, this phobia of beauties disappears with old age, but nevertheless not all men can defeat it even in adulthood.

Still, beauty is a terrible force!

Spasmodic pains in the lower abdomen during menstruation in women can be as strong as in all people during a heart attack.

This condition is known as dysmenorrhea, which, imagine, affects millions of women every month.

It is known that women speak 13,000 more words a day than men.

Girlfriends, neighbors, co-workers – well, how can you resist and not say a word.

Scientists conducted research among women who use lipstick regularly.

It turned out that throughout their lives, women eat about 2-3 kg of this makeup product.

Be careful – leave some room for dessert!

Interesting facts About Women

Women blink about twice as much as men.

That seems to be the expression “blink your eyes”.

Ada Lovelace was the first programmer in history.

She is best known for having created a description of a computer, however, the project was developed by a man, Charles Babbage. But she was the one who wrote the 1st program for this machine and introduced the terms “cycle” and “work cell”.

By the way, the father of the beautiful Ada was nothing other than the great poet George Byron. Well, who’s the fragile sex after that?

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Women remember better than men where certain things are.

How often does your husband ask you to help him find socks, ties or shirts in his own closet? So think later, who has a better memory.

On the street, women tend to focus on buildings and signs, while men use directions and distances to describe the path.

Therefore, it is more likely that a woman will say, “Go straight to the lingerie store, then turn right until you reach the bridge.

“One man will say differently: “You need to drive 5 km north, then turn east on Svoboda Street and continue driving in that direction for another 4 km.”

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Girls have 11% more neurons than boys in brain centers responsible for language and hearing.

Therefore, women not only listen better than men, but also distinguish a wider range of emotional nuances, such as crying.

Judge for yourself: when a baby cries, the mother is more likely to identify what is bothering him.

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Women are better than men to distinguish color tones.

Therefore, blue and dark blue are two completely different shades, not to mention pink, purple, purple or evil.

There is a version that this perception of color was formed in the process of evolution: while men fought for territory with other tribes or hunted, women looked after the fireplace, and this resource helped them find edible plants quickly.

Remember the term “gather” from history classes? It’s just about that.

Girls develop fine motor skills earlier than boys.

This gives scientific support to the stereotype that women have cleaner calligraphy. And by the way, representatives of both sexes usually write differently.

In men, the nose is 10% larger than in women.

This is due to the fact that men tend to have more muscle mass and require more oxygen, which means that their norins are dilated. The size difference begins to appear around age 11, when boys develop muscles and girls develop fat.

Compared to men, women have weaker ligaments,

so they are more flexible and easier for them to make the openings, for example.

But this has its disadvantage: women are at higher risk of joint injuries.

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Women’s skin is much thinner than that of men, depletes collagen earlier and therefore is more prone to wrinkles.

Also, this notorious collagen in the strong half of humanity has a higher density, so they look young for much longer.

So take care of the women and don’t disturb them for trifle! Let them cry only with happiness and laugh to tears! Do not be afraid of beauty, but idolize your mind, which every hour helps a woman to be strong, skilled, cunning, fearless and under any circumstances remain fragile sex!

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