23 Interesting Facts About Boris Vasiliev

Boris Vasiliev is a Soviet writer, playwright and screenwriter. He is the author of immortal works that are included in the large background of Russian and Soviet classics. First, it’s the novels “It’s not on the lists”, “The dawns here are quiet…” the novel “Don’t shoot the white swans”. Here’s 23 Interesting Facts About Boris Vasiliev

Interesting Facts About Boris Vasiliev
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    A Famous writer

    A famous writer is a representative of a generation whose youth passed during the Great Patriotic War. That’s why most of his moving, heartfelt, rich and dramatic novels talked about people’s life and destiny during the war.

    An officer father

    Vasiliev’s father, Lev Aleksandrovich, was a career officer of the Tsar and later the Red Army.

    A mother from a noble family

    Vasiliev’s mother, Elena Nikolaevna Alekseeva, was from a noble family, associated with the names of Tolstoy and Pushkin.

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    First Meeting with Wife

    In 1943, the future writer joined the Military Academy of Mechanized and Armored Forces under the name Stalin. It was there that he met his future wife, the Polish Zorya Albertovna, who later became his wife. She’s the one who got him out of the minefield. From that moment on, his romantic history began.

    Debut in literature

    Boris Vasiliev’s debut in literature and the beginning of Boris Vasiliev’s creative career took place with the play “Tankers”, which premiered in 1954 and was dedicated to the generational change in the country’s post-war army.

    collaboration with “Youth” publication

    What is the true glory, Boris Vasiliev understood only from 1968, when his famous story “The Dawns Here Are Quiet …” was published in the popular publication “Youth“. From that moment on, a long and fruitful collaboration between the writer and the publication began.

    Support for Perestroika

    Boris Vasiliev openly expressed his support for Perestroika and, subsequently, for the new regime established by Boris Yeltsin and Vladimir Putin.

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    Honorary position of Human Rights

    In 2000, Vasiliev held an honorary position on the Commission of the President of the Russian Federation of Human Rights.

    One women man

    In Vasiliev’s personal life, there was only one beloved woman – Zorya Albertovna Polyak.

    Relate with many places

    There are many places in Smolensk that are related to the fate of Boris Vasiliev. So, for example, in the Elninsky district in the Smolensk region, near the village of Vysokoye, before the Revolution there was the home of the Alekseevs, ancestors of the writer by mother.

    Volunteered for war

    At age 17, Vasiliev volunteered for war. On March 12, 2013, Boris Vasiliev died. He was 89 at the time. He was buried next to his wife’s grave in the Vagankovsky cemetery in Moscow. Did you do your homework? Yes 48.56% No 28.53% No and will not 15.12% nothing asked 7.79% Voted: 161962

    Had no children

    Vasiliev had no children. He and his wife adopted two boys: Nikolai and Peter.

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    During the period of his work, Boris Vasiliev was awarded the Moscow-Penne International Literary Prize and the Independent Movement Award in honor of the academic A. D. Sakharov “Abril”, the Ussr State Award and the President of Russia Award, the Russian Academy of Motion Arts Award “Nika” and the Moscow Writers’ Union “Venets”.

    A member of the Moscow Writers

    Boris Vasiliev is a member of the Moscow Writers’ Union and the Russian Cinematographers’ Union.

    Received Order of Merit

    The writer received in 2004 the Order of Merit of the Fatherland, 2nd degree.

    Suffered from myopia

    Vasiliev suffered from myopia and during the war, so did not notice the minefield. He was saved from death by his beloved Zorya.

    Member of the Soviet Union

    Vasiliev was a member of the Soviet Union in 1980.

    Books on the movement of Russian football fans

    In Vasiliev’s work there were books on the movement of Russian football fans. It’s the books “We’ll Come to you,” “Angel behind the Right Shoulder,” “White Minority Hardcore,” “I’m Russian.”

    Rudely condemned the Stalinist

    Boris Vasiliev, in his political convictions, is an ardent opponent of the Stalinist regime. The writer rudely condemned the dictator, his military strategy and intellectual ability in his own interviews, comparing him to Hitler.

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    Lived off his wife’s money

    Poverty, which followed Vasiliev’s resignation, was a difficult test of the writer’s fate. He lived off his wife’s money, who at the time worked as a television editor.

    Cause of death

    The cause of Vasiliev’s death was chronic arrhythmia, which reached the third degree and created problems in blood circulation.

    Liked history and literature in Childhood

    In childhood, Boris Vasiliev liked history and literature.

    Graduated in only 9 classes

    Boris Vasiliev graduated in only 9 classes. Then the war broke out, destroying all your future plans. I like 2 I do not like

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