25 Interesting facts about Georgia

Most Amazing and Interesting facts about Georgia

Interesting facts about Georgia are often sought after by future tourists. The traditions and legends of Georgians invariably surprise newcomers. The unusual life of locals, the temperamental way of communication, immense friendship and the desire, so unusual for a resident of central Russia, to invite a stranger to visit him for at least a glass of wine, introduces an apartment dweller into a stucco and suspects that he ended up somewhere on another planet, but it’s called Georgia. May this small mountainous country not fool you with its size, believe me, there are so many amazing and curious things in it that even a very long vacation won’t be sufficient to view them all.

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As banal as it sounds, everything around will be unusual: extraordinary panel houses with a pile of balconies, gentle cops always ready to help, delicious cheap wine and large amounts of food, ornate gifts that carry a certain meaning and reveal another interesting legend or fact of Georgia’s history, and finally, people who always pass through life with a smile.

Georgia is considered a country of centenarians.

According to one of the legends, the time spent with a guest does not count for the age lived. I now comprehend why they are so kind?

In the famous Georgian poem “The Knight in the Skin of the Panther”, there is the word “vefkhvtmbrdgvneli”

Composed of 11 consonants in a row, but in everyday speech, this record belongs to another word of 8 consonants in a row – “gvprtskvnis“.

A very big number of people attend the wedding

Including both close family members and friends of friends. The refusal to attend such an event can lead to a serious worsening of relations. So if you’re invited to a wedding, you shouldn’t refuse, more so it’s worth it.

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Often, Georgians don’t take their shoes off when they come to visit

And hosts rarely say anything about it. You can’t offend a guest, even if he’s soiled his shoes and walked on the carpet in the hallway, and suddenly his toe is full of holes.

In Georgian national cuisine, there are certain dishes that are cooked with their hands, savoring it.

For example, shish kebabs and khinkali should be consumed exclusively with their hands, even in restaurants, without the help of cutlery.

NASA sent the Georgian song “Chakrula” into space

In 1976 to let other planets know how talented humans are at music.

Interesting facts about Georgia

So far, there are cases where the groom can steal the bride

Although now this is done with the mutual consent of the grooms.

Although young people have a sense of respect for their elders

they are often called simply by their first name, including their parents’ children.

The Europeans call Georgia Georgia

The Russians call it that and the Georgians call their country Sakartvelo.

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Being drunk but having the need to get back to somewhere by car

You can politely explain the motive to the cop and one of them is likely to agree to act as a “sober driver” while his partner drives behind.

The emphasis on a particular letter or syllable

So familiar to us, is absent in the Georgian language, along with the uppercase, both male and female, which is later made clear by context.

Family relationships and family ties are very strong here

And the father’s words do not resist criticism.

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In 2006, in Europe and the United Kingdom, the best-selling singer was born in Georgia.

She was inducted into the Guinness Book of Records that same year in the fall for holding the world’s deepest concert at a depth of 303 meters in the North Sea.

Georgians are accustomed to hanging their garments wherever,

which is another intriguing fact. If you enter the old well-yards of Tbilisi, you can no doubt see the bed linen stretched between the balconies. In skyscrapers, they throw the rope at the nearest pole and quietly dry their towels.

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Vladimir Mayakovsky, one of the finest Russian poets of the 20th century, was born and raised in Baghdati,

a city located 25 kilometers from Kutaisi. A well-known Russian politician, Sergei Lavrov, was also raised under the hot Georgian sun.

It’s convenient to hitchhike in Georgia –

many drivers will be ready to give an absolutely free hiker a ride and will have time to tell several local legends along the way.

Three Georgian brothers: Sergo, David and Aleksi Mdvivani,

in the 1920s-1930s, were known as noble con artists of marriage on both sides of the Atlantic. An interesting fact is that in the end they were enriched by their numerous marriages to famous and wealthy people for half a billion dollars, and that at the time!

A citizen of Russia can easily obtain Citizenship of Georgia

and have dual citizenship, but vice versa is impossible.

Georgians use the vigesimal numbering system.

That is, to name any number, for example, between 20 and 100, you need to count how many twenty it is composed, name that number and the rest. For understanding: 48 – two and twenty-eight, 97 – four and twenty-seventeen.

The fact that the oldest shards of wine jars

And the oldest vines have been found in Georgia’s territory allows locals to call their country the birthplace of wine.

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Russian is spoken only by Georgians of age who made the times of the USSR,

The younger generation focuses on English. However, as the travel and tourism sector grows and the number of visitors who speak Russian increases, there is a growing need for young individuals who are fluent in Russian.

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Georgians like it very much and pride themselves on their homeland.

Even when they go abroad, they try to come back after making money or living in a foreign land, but never forget who they are blood.

The dominant religion in Georgia is Christianity, not Islam,

as many people think.

Thanks to St. Nino, who lived for many years in the Bodbe Monastery,

Georgia adopted Christianity in the early 4th century, and this was before the baptism of Kievan Rus. So far, they remain very religious and believing people.

In the early 2000s, tourism began to develop in the country,

Including winter tourism, and now there are several modern ski resorts: Gudauri, Bakuriani, Tetnuldi and Goderdzi.

The locals are accustomed to the way of life that most Southerners do today. Roughly speaking, I got a salary today, which means you’re hanging out with friends in a restaurant to the max, and tomorrow your teeth are on the shelf and walking to work.

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