30 Interesting Facts About Milk

Today, milk has become an essential product in the diet of all people. And this is not strange because it contains a lot of nutrients, mainly 5 vitamins: B9, B6, B2, B7, C and 15 minerals. Here’s full article on Interesting Facts About Milk:

For many, a well-known fact is that Cleopatra washed her face with milk every day. After these cosmetic procedures, his skin acquired silkiness and softness. The rebellious Poppea, who was Nero’s second wife, also consumed milk every day. She took a bath in 500 donkeys’ milk. As you are aware, Poppea had soft, smooth skin. Julius Caesar was also convinced that the Germans and Celts became large only because they ate meat and drank milk.

According to sociologists, in countries where milk is most consumed, people win more Nobel prizes. In addition, according to research from the American edition of the BBC, children who drink a lot of milk in childhood get taller.

Interesting Facts About Milk
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    Cow’s milk Consumption

    The earliest fossilized cow remains discovered date to the eighth millennium BC. Cow’s milk has thus been consumed by humans for more than 10,000 years.

    The food of the gods

    So many ancient cultures, such as Celtic, Roman, Egyptian, Indian and Mongol, included milk in their own diet. They even sang in myths and legends. Until now, historical data have emerged that these people considered milk a healthy product and called it “the food of the gods”.

    Milk does not coincide

    Due to the fact that the parts of the udder of a cow do not converge with each other, the composition of milk that is obtained from different tits of the same cow does not coincide.

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    Milk contains almost 90% water.

    At the same time, it contains about 80 useful substances. With the process of ultra-pasteurization of milk, potassium, calcium, magnesium and vitamins are saved without alteration.

    The cow gives milk to feed the new born calf.

    After the cow gave birth, she gives milk for the next 10 months and then inseminated again. This process is constantly repeated.

    1.5 million liters per day

    For one year, the earth’s population drinks 580 million liters of milk, or 1.5 million liters per day. To provide this volume, it is necessary to milk approximately 105,000 cows per day.

    Camel milk is easier to digest

    Camel milk does not curdling and is easier to digest in the body of a person with lactose intolerance. This type of milk is popular among desert dwellers.

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    Casein in cow’s milk

    Cow’s milk contains 300 times more casein than human milk.

    Milk would not sour

    So that the milk would not sour, a frog was once placed in it. The skin secretions of this creature have antimicrobial properties and prevent the spread of bacteria.

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    Milk protein affects fungal diseases

    The beneficial properties of milk have been discovered by scientists at the University of Adelaide. As it turned out, milk protein affects fungal diseases of vegetation no less than a chemical fungicide. This applies to grape mold disease.

    Greeks mythology about milk

    According to the Greeks, the Milky Way originated from the drops of breast milk of the goddess Hera, which fell into heaven at the time of feeding the infant Hercules.

    Milk is considered a self-sufficient food product.

    Contrary to many opinions, milk is a food, not a drink. People say, “Eat milk.” “.

    The inhabitants of Finland drink more milk.

    If you believe in statistics, then the inhabitants of Finland drink more milk. Did you do your homework? Yes 48.57% No 28.53% No and will not 15.12% nothing asked 7.78% Voted: 162290

    Cow’s milk protein binds toxins from the body.

    That is why, so far, people whose work is associated with dangerous production receive milk for free.

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    A product for centenarians is milk.

    When asked what he eats, the Azerbaijani man with a long lifespan Mejid Agayev mentioned feta cheese, milk, curdled milk, and vegetables.

    More than 400 million tons of milk are produced annually worldwide.

    Each cow produces between 11 and 23 liters, which equates to about 90 cups per day. Then, in the end, it turns out that, on average, a cow gives 200,000 cups of milk over its lifetime.

    International Milk Day in Brussels

    In Brussels, in honor of International Milk Day, milk comes out of the Manneken Pis fountain instead of ordinary water.

    Popular drink for breakfast in Spain

    Chocolate milk has become a popular drink for breakfast in Spain.

    Ultra-pasteurization process of milk

    In the 1960s, it was possible to develop a continuous ultra-pasteurization process of milk, as well as Tetra Pak (aseptic packaging systems), which allowed the duration of milk to be extended.

    To obtain 1 kilo of natural butter, 21 liters of milk are required.

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    One kilo of cheese will be obtained from 10 liters of milk.

    Source of tuberculosis infection

    At the end of the 18th and early 19th centuries, milk was considered a source of tuberculosis infection for people. It was the pasteurization of this product that made it possible to prevent the spread of tuberculosis through milk.

    Lenin wrote letters from prison with milk.

    Milk at drying became invisible. The text could only be read by heating a sheet of paper over the flame of a candle.

    Sour milk during a storm.

    This is due to long-wave electromagnetic pulses that can enter any substance.

    Less than 50% of adults drink milk today.

    The rest of the people are lactose intolerant. In Neolithic times, adults were also basically unable to drink milk. And at the same time, they didn’t have a gene responsible for lactose absorption. It only emerged over time due to a genetic mutation.

    milk amazing facts

    Goat’s milk can be destroyed

    Goat’s milk can be destroyed at digestion in an average of 20 minutes, and cow milk – only after one hour.

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    Ayurvedic medicine classified milk as a “lunar food”.

    This suggests that milk can only be drunk at night after moonrise and 30 minutes before bedtime.

    Milk in the human body

    The digestibility of milk in the human body is 98%.

    International Milk Day

    International Milk Day is officially celebrated on June 1.

    Higher price than gasoline

    Some states have gained notoriety for having milk prices that are higher than those for gasoline.

    Walrus and seal milk has highest nutritional value

    Among all other species, walrus and seal milk is regarded as having the highest nutritional value because fats make up more than half of its composition. Whale milk is also considered quite nutritious as it contains just under 50% fat.

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