20 Amazing Facts About Adolf Hitler

A teetotal and vegetarian who staged World War II In world history, there is no character whose activity in terms of the number of victims can be compared to the 12 years of rule in Germany by Adolf Hitler (1889 – 1945). The creator of the Misanthropic racial theory could go down in history as a marginal politician who attracted some of the German voters with his ideas. Here’s some amazing Facts About Adolf Hitler..

But it was in 1930s Germany – plagued by reparations, impoverished, politically humiliated – that Hitler’s ideas found fertile ground. With the support of transnational capital, Hitler, having become Chancellor of the Reich, absolutized his power with full support and adoration of the German people. And when Germany began to dominate one European country after another with minimal effort, it turned out that Hitler’s opinions and policies were similar to almost all of Europe.

Adolf hitler facts

The most impressive thing about Hitler is not the number of victims of his government. It’s surprising that this man wasn’t manic or sadistic. The facts below show that the Führer was generally an ordinary person. Not without oddities and weaknesses, of course, but he personally did not torture or kill anyone. He sacrificed millions of people for his plans to take over the world, and did so casually and routinely, often just giving verbal orders to helpers. And then he could call Speer and design designs for huge and beautiful palaces…

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    In his youth, Hitler read a lot.

    His friends couldn’t imagine him without books. Hitler’s room was full of them, he constantly carried several books with him. Neverthemore, friends of the future Leader noticed that he did not read for new information or to familiarize himself with new ideas. Hitler sought to find confirmation of his own thoughts in the books.

    Adolf Hitler never had the surname Schicklgruber.

    Until 1876, this was the surname of his father, who later changed it to Hitler.

    Contrary to popular belief, Hitler’s art was by no means mediocre.

    Of course, he did not shine with exceptional talent, but in 1909-1910 in Vienna, his paintings allowed him not to starve. Well, for advocates of the mediocrity version of the future Leader, it should be mentioned that a significant number of his paintings were acquired by frame dealers – an empty frame in a window looks worse than if some kind of drawing is inserted into it. And a few years ago, paintings found randomly signed by Hitler sold well at Jeffery’s’ auction.

    The most expensive was sold for £176,000. But that, of course, says nothing about the author’s talent – the signature in this case is much more important. One of Hitler’s paintings

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    Mussolini and Hitler awaited the guard of honor

    During a visit to Italy in 1938, the head of the protocol service advised Hitler to wear a civilian suit instead of uniform in the theater. On the way out of the theater, Mussolini and Hitler awaited the guard of honor. Passing through the formation, Hitler looked very pale next to the great Mussolini, dressed in a uniform with all the insignia and decorations. The next day, Hitler had a new head of protocol. Hitler and Mussolini

    Drank nothing stronger than beer

    From a young age, the great leader of the German nation drank nothing stronger than beer. Having received the certificate of completion of the next class of a real school (for us, the name “newsletter” is more familiar), Adolf noticed so well this success that he used the certificate as toilet paper in a good amount of drunkenness. The Germans, accustomed to ordering, delivered ugly fragments of the document to the school, and a duplicate was delivered to Hitler.

    The impression of scandal and shame was so strong that by the end of his life strong alcohol was excluded from his diet. At the same time, he tried in no way to influence others, and a wide variety of alcoholic beverages was always served at his table for guests.

    Adolf hitler facts

    Hitler’s attitude towards crayfish lovers was different.

    He also did not eat crayfish (Hitler was usually a vegetarian), but allowed them to be served at the table. At the same time, I liked to tell old village legends about how, to catch crayfish, the corpses of dead old men were lowered into the river for a few days, because crayfish are very well caught with coal.

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    Hitler was very addicted to drugs.

    This addiction cannot be called drug addiction, but during World War II, he consumed up to 30 different types of drugs. Considering that his health left much to be desired since World War I, and the course of things in the Third Reich after 1942 would have brought down a healthy one, it is clear that the Leader’s body could no longer function without external refueling. And he was just over 50.

    Broke off negotiations with British Minister

    According to Hitler’s interpreter, the Leader did not like it very much when representatives of foreign powers asked him many questions, concretizing his long general political passages. In 1936, after a series of questions, he broke off negotiations with British Minister A. Eden and, three years later, did not speak to Spanish dictator Franco. From the Soviet representative, V. M. Molotov, Hitler not only heard all the questions. The Führer immediately tried to respond to those for whom he was ready. Did Hitler and Molotov do their homework? Yes 48.55% No 28.53% No and I will not 15.13% did not ask anything 7.8% Voted: 161513

    Hitler hardly ever wrote or dictated orders and guidelines.

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    He verbally, in general, informed the helpers about their decisions, and they should already give them the right written form. Misinterpretations of orders by helpers can have serious consequences.

    facts about Adolf hitler

    Knew a lot about political technologies

    Essay of each speech in front of a mirror, practicing gestures, unwillingness to put glasses in front of the public (special typewriters were mounted for Hitler only in capital letters) – the Leader knew a lot about political technologies – the leader cannot be weak in anything. Hence the stories of dozens of broken, supposedly angry glass – Hitler pulled them out automatically, but realizing that there were too many people around, he hid them in his back. There, the glasses broke at the time of psychological stress.

    However, a certain psychiatric pathology was present in Hitler’s behavior.

    Over time, he stopped enduring any criticism. In addition, he perceived any critical statement about himself as an attack on his health or life. Foam in the mouth, attempts to gnaw carpets and broken dishes in the Reich Chancellery were a consequence of this intolerance.

    Hitler’s attitude towards the Jews is also typical of a psychopath.

    Starting with the desire to build dozens of gallows for Jews at Marienplatz, he unfortunately ended up with millions of deaths in concentration camps.

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    Hitler did not feel as much pathological hatred for the Slavs as he did for the Jews.

    For him, they were only subumans, who mistakenly settled in fertile lands rich in minerals. The number of Slavs had to be gradually reduced to a minimum, using civilized means such as mass sterilization or lack of medical care.

    Traveling by car, Hitler did not like to be overtaken.

    When he became Chancellor of the Reich, drivers who allowed themselves such overtaking began to be punished. In 1937, even the Reichsleiter Hans Frank, who was Hitler’s lawyer in dozens of trials, did not escape punishment. Frank in Munich quickly cut off the car with Hitler and had a very serious conversation with Martin Bormann, who formally headed the NSDAP.

    “A man in years with a stupid mustache”  

    That was Eva Braun’s first impression of Hitler. Thus began a romance that only ended with the death of the main characters. Hitler was not a pervert, nor a homosexual, nor a powerless man. It’s just that state politics and leadership have taken up a lot of his life.

    Adolf hitler in paris

    The German attack on France has been postponed more than 30 times.

    Some of the factors that influenced the date of the attack were objective, but mainly the reluctance of the German generals to fight dominated. Hitler had to literally break his resistance and force them to lead the troops in the attack. After the war, the generals attributed the victories to themselves and the defeats were attributed to Hitler. Although all the successes of German troops before the attack on the Soviet Union, beginning with the entry of troops into the Rhineland and ending with Poland, were the result of the leader’s perseverance and perseverance. In Paris,

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    Hitler’s only “fatal decision” was the Barbarossa Plan

    An attack on the Soviet Union. The generals, who had conquered Europe behind them, could no longer resist, and Hitler himself believed in the weakness of the USSR, even though he had incomplete but significant data on Soviet military might.

    The whole Great Patriotic War after Stalingrad was Hitler’s agony.

    Figuratively speaking, the poison Hitler supposedly drank on May 30, 1945 (or, if you prefer, the bullet he placed in his post) was made in the final phase of the Battle of Stalingrad by the 2nd Army of Guards of General Rodion Malinovski. It was this army that buried the hopes of the Goth group, which broke through the outer perimeter of the Stalingrad cauldron, to reduce the distance that had kept it from Paulus’ troops to 30 kilometers. The whole Great Patriotic War after Stalingrad was Hitler’s agony.

    A remote exorcism was carried out on Hitler

    During World War II, with the sanction of Pope Pius “how many divisions the Vatican has” XII, a remote exorcism was carried out on Hitler. It is not difficult to guess that the rite, not supported by tank attacks, turned out to be useless.

    The information on Hitler’s death is quite contradictory.

    Either he shot himself or drank poison. The examinations were not carried out in the whirlwind of events in May 1945, except that they compared the dental records of Hitler and Eva Braun with their teeth – it all coincided. For some reason, the bodies were dug up several times and buried in different places. All this gave rise to numerous rumors, versions and assumptions. According to some of them, Hitler survived and went to South America.

    Against these versions, there is a serious logical objection: Hitler really considered himself a messiah, a messenger of the gods, called to save Germany. When, in late April 1945, he had the subway flooded with thousands of Berlin civilians and wounded soldiers, he justified by saying that after the defeat and his death, the existence of all these people and Germany would make no difference. Sense at all. Thus, with great probability, it can be argued that the earthly path of the messenger of the gods actually ended in a funnel of shells, from which the feet of Hitler and Eva Braun were projected.

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