30 Amazing Facts About Andy Murray

Some, like the episode of the shooting at his school in Dunblane, are well known. Others are more surprising. Details of a fairly normal tennis player off the court.

Andy Murray facts

30 Amazing Facts About Andy Murray

1) Andy has only one superstitious gesture: “I’ve never played a cup or medal that I’m competing for; I think it’s bad luck.”

2) Murray’s manager, Simon Fuller, was the manager of the Spice Girls and other pop idols such as Amy Winehouse. Also from the Beckham family.

3) When Andy was 8, he and his brother Jamie escaped a shooting at their school, Dunblane Primary School. In that accident, 16 children and a teacher died. Murray never talked about it, but in his biography revealing how to hear shots of his class, he hid under the principal’s desk with his brother.

4) He never drinks.

Andy hasn’t touched alcohol since he drank one night in Barcelona when he was 16.

5) Despite being of English descent, Andy is proud of his Scottish heritage. The mother of her grandmother’s mother was born in England. In the 1950s, his grandfather Roy Erskine played football professionally. When Andy was given the chance to train with the Rangers but chose tennis instead, he had to follow in his footsteps.

6) He loves karaoke.

He performed I Want You Back by the Jackson Five in a TV showcase at the 2010 French Open.

7) Bought a Ferrari that returned a week. “It was very fast” he said.

8) His weak knee is due to a birth defect called a split patella, which causes the kneecap to be split in two instead of being fused.

9) Maggie May and Rusty, two border terriers owned by Murray and his girlfriend Kim Sears. Maggie May has more than 4,000 followers on Twitter.

10) Andy and his colleagues spent nearly £4,000 in a bar celebrating their triumph at the US Open in 2012. Andy spent $3.50 on lemonade in all.

11) Andy follows a special diet, which allows him to eat up to 45 pieces of sushi in a meal. After a great game, you can eat a lot of oatmeal.

12) In 2004, just before receiving a BBC grand prize, he was locked in the bathroom.

13) Andy’s parents invested a total of £40,000 for him to train at a gym in Barcelona when he was 15.

14) When he was 18, he was fined £1,500 for insulting a chair umpire. At the end of the match, Andy refused to shake the referee’s hand.

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15) Many wonder why Andy is always cursing and cursing on the court during games. He revealed that he is a fan of comedian Bill Connolly and likes to imitate his wayitism.

16) His middle name is Barron, who in ancient Gaelic means “young warrior”.

17) At age 17, he met Novak Djokovic in the US Open final, winning in straight sets. Friends ever since.

18) Boxer David Haye is a close friend, and boxing is a great passion of Andy. “Nothing gives me more adrenaline than watching a good boxing match.”

19) Simon Cowell – judge of X Factor – bet £25,000 on Murray’s defeat in the 2012 Wimbledon final. A match that Andy ended up losing to Roger Federer.

20) Andy is not yet married and doesn’t seem to be thinking about it yet. “Kim has already asked me to marry him, but I’m not ready for the wedding yet.”

21) Since her parents’ divorce 10 years ago, Andy has lived with her brother and father Will.

22) Once, a press conference was held during his visit to the physiotherapist. Ice baths are often used to relax muscles.

23) A scar on his left ring finger was caused by his brother after a fight that occurred at the end of a tennis match. Looks like Jamie wasn’t too happy to be defeated by his younger brother.

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24) Wherever you go, Andy always carries his Play Station with him.

25) His US Open victory came on September 10, the same day fred perry – the last Briton to win the Open – won at Flushing Meadows in 1936.

26) His favorite movie is Braveheart. He sees her with his favorite drink, a chicken pizza ordered at Pizza Express.

27) Andy loves rapping.

His favorites are rappers 50 Cent and Eminem.

28) His training partner Daniel Vallvardú has been his friend since Andy’s 14th birthday.

29) Andy’s girlfriend loves to paint animals.

30) He loves Sushi as it plays a very important role in his diet. A diet based on sushi and an exhaustive control over his hydration levels are the two keys with which the Scottish tennis player works.

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