20 Unknown And Interesting Facts About Coffee

7 centuries have passed since coffee beans were used to make a drink. During this time, coffee has become the source of many myths, among which grains of reliable information are hidden. Here are we sharing the 20 interesting and unknown facts about coffee:


The origin – legends and interesting facts about coffee

  1. The most famous legend about coffee attributes the discovery of the unique properties of coffee beans to an Ethiopian shepherd. However, according to Ethiopian Muslims, Kaldi was not a shepherd, but a scientist who also drew attention to the unusual behavior of goats. It was he who brought his discovery to Yemen, where the first coffee plantations were planted. This version explains the origin of the name, which originally sounded in the Arab world as “Grains of Kaffa“.
  2. There is a weakness in both legends. It is unclear how goats can eat coffee trees as some kind of bush. After all, its height in nature can reach 9 meters. Even cultivated species are cut in 3-4 meters to facilitate the bean collection process.
  3. Another legend allocates the honor of the very first roasting of coffee beans to a forest fire. The strong smell attracted the attention of the inhabitants of the nearby village, who, after the fire was extinguished, found charred trees with fragrant fruits suitable for food. Yes, for food. In fact, historical facts about coffee indicate that the properties of coffee fruits were widely known to the tribes that inhabited the territory of modern Ethiopia. However, initially the coffee beans were ate, making them balls and fat, strengthening forces well.
  4. Coffee beans are not fruits, but only bright red fruit beans.
  5. The pulp of the coffee fruit also has a peculiar and pleasant taste, similar to that of peach and watermelon with a touch of honey.
  6. The famous Irish Coffee was born by chance during bad weather at the Irish airport of Foynes.

Facts about coffee regarding of its effects on the human body

  1. The good news for those who count calories is that there is none in a cup of natural sugar-free coffee.
  2. Cappuccino and other coffee drinks with milk or cream not only have a special taste, but also weaken the effect of caffeine due to the fat contained in them.
  3. The effect of coffee on the body is individual, with some characteristics and diseases, this invigorating drink can make a person drowsy.
  4. The damage or benefit of drinking coffee depends on its amount. The lethal dose is 100 cups.

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Strange facts about coffee

  1. In past centuries, Arab bride and grooms, among other marriage vows, have always promised to provide coffee to their wives. Failure to keep that promise was the only way a woman could get a legal divorce.
  2. Caffeine in an athlete’s body in an amount greater than 12 mg per liter is equated by the International Olympic Committee to doping.
  3. The Japanese not only occupy the third place in the world in quantity of coffee consumed, but also bathe in this drink to rejuvenate and maintain skin elasticity.
  4. In the production of the most expensive varieties in the world of “kopi luwak” and “black prey” there is a mandatory intermediate step: the digestion of coffee beans by the stomachs of moussangs animals and elephants.

The facts about coffee in numbers

  1. About 50 species of coffee grow all over the planet. However, only Arabica and Robusta are the two of industrial importance. From them you can get thousands of mixing options.
  2. At the same time, all coffee plants grow only in the tropical zone and live from 60 to 70 years.
  3. In terms of production in the world, coffee is in second place, second only to oil.
  4. Approximately 70% of world production is Arabica and only 30% Robusta.
  5. In the calendar of some countries there is Coffee Day. September 12 in Costa Rica, September 19 in Ireland and October 1 in Japan.
  6. In a standard cup of coffee, there are about 300 antioxidants that can protect a person from the harmful effects of free radicals for a whole month.


There are much more interesting facts about coffee than the methods of preparation, so it is impossible to cover them in an article. The stories of coffee are multifaceted, can be studied for a long time with a cup of divine drink, savoring the taste of both.

And to make this process enjoyable, we recommend choosing a conscious coffee supplier who always has:

  • Fresh roasted;
  • The best varieties;
  • Great variety.

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