12 Awesome Facts About Emojis

Awesome Facts About Emojis To Amaze You

Emoticons have become an integral part of our social media posts and posts. There is no other language in the world that can express love, contempt, joy with a symbol, and its meaning will be clear to absolutely everyone. What else is known about emoticons? We’ll tell you 12 amazing facts about emojis..

facts about emojis

From smartphone to cinema

With the growing popularity of emojis, it was only a matter of time before they hit the big screen. And in 2017, Sony Pictures Entertainment released a cartoon called “Emoji Movie”.

The action takes place in the city of Textopolis, which is located on the smartphone of teenager Alex. The main character Jin has a strange defect – he can turn into all the smileys at once. Jin is forced to control his ability and be a normal “me,” but when Alex chooses him, the smiley panics and releases all the whirlwind of emotions. A teenager decides to reset his phone, and Jin and his friends are forced to flee to the cloud to save themselves from exclusion and find a new life.

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Dot, dot, parenthesis

The first emoticons looked like combinations of colons, hyphens and brackets (:-) or 🙁 ). Its author was Scott Fahlman, professor of computer science at Carnegie Mellon University. First, he drew funny faces in his students’ notes, and after that he got an idea of developing an electronic code for them that accompanies the message “Have a good day!”.

Gift from Japan

facts about emojis

The first set of standard emojis was developed by Japanese programmer Shigetaka Kurita. Unlike the emoticons of text characters, emojis consisted of pixels and were small images in the form of faces with various emotions (hence the name). They should become the universal language of communication for all network users.

German company

Shigetaka Kurita created his invention for fun and didn’t even think he could make money from it. Businessman Marco Husges of Germany opened a company and registered a patent for the copyright of the emoji. Husges sells licenses to use emoticons on clothing, packaging, stickers and more. Even Sony Pictures Entertainment made its “Emoji Movie” under its license.

Story without words

It has been said that emojis were created as a universal language that everyone understands. Chinese artist Xu Bing applied this idea and created “The Book of the Earth”. He uses emoji to describe a day in the life of a government official. And Swiss tennis player Roger Federer posted a tweet consisting of emojis in which he talked about what his day is like.

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Code Rookies

Every year, the non-profit Unicode Consortium receives thousands of requests for new emojis. Anyone can submit an idea and Apple will decide for approval. Keyboard updates are released every year, and in this period, more than a hundred new emojis have appeared.

Greetings from Finland

Basically, emoticons are universal. However, in some countries there are emojis with national flavor. Finland was the first state with its own emoticons. Finns have 56 images that incorporate the lifestyle, as well as the cultural and historical values of the country. The set includes a rein, an icebreaker, hot socks, a sauna and a Nokia phone.

sad emoji

Emotional Disarmament

Previously, in emoji, you could see a revolver and a kitchen knife. However, due to Apple’s non-violence policy, aggressive emoticons began to be removed or replaced. Then the revolver turned into a children’s water pistol and the knife was replaced by a magic blade.

Fun is popular nowadays.

What is the most popular emoji? Think classic smile or heart? But no, no, “Face with tears of joy” is the most used emoji. In the UK, it is preferred by 20% of social media users and in 2015 won the Word of the Year award. Most of the time, people left it in Facebook posts instead of liking it, which meant “Very funny.”

Twice a year

The smiley celebrates two entire holidays a year: the first is the anniversary (celebrated in September), and the second is World Emoji Day (in July). In 2017, emoji fans even entered the Guinness Book of Records – 531 people in Dubai, Moscow, Dublin and Sao Paulo took to the streets dressed in costumes of various emojis. The judges of the Book called such coordination a fantastic achievement.

Popular and pre-digital

Before arriving on the web, emojis appeared on company logos, post-shirts, sweatshirts, badges, and various movies. The “unfortunate” smiley appears in Ingmar Bergman’s film “Port City,” and in “Forrest Gump” you can see a smiley made of mud.

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The first emoji was sad

For the first time on screen, a stylized image of a human face appeared in the film “Port City” in 1948. Director Ingmar Bergman decided to use it to graphically express a strong emotion. It is true that this first emoticon did not show the usual smiling face, but suffering. The happy face was only used in 1953, when the advertising campaign of the movie “Lily” began.

But the emoticon gained universal recognition and popularity in 1958, when one of New York’s radio stations gave thousands of “Good Guys!” sweatshirts to their listeners for winning the competition. With an impression of a happy face upon them.

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