28 Facts About Gravity That Will Blow your Mind

Interesting Facts About Gravity


Gravity is a fundamental force that acts on physical objects near Earth. How much do you know about her? It took people more than a millennium to understand how the force of gravity (Newton’s law works), which is, is it really possible to control it? To this day, our knowledge is modest, although it allows us to surf in outer space. Ready to learn more about one of the most mysterious phenomena? Here are 20 surprising facts about gravity :

From the Latin “gravity” is translated as “gravity”.

This is one of the 4 fundamental forces of physics, in addition to electromagnetic, strong and weak nuclear. And she’s the least significant in this chain.

It is the force of gravity that controls the maximum height of the earth’s mountains.

The latter cannot climb above 15 km, as it runs the risk of collapsing under its own weight. By the way, the weight of a person and other objects is also determined by gravity.

Mars’ gravity is only 38% of Earth’s gravity, which means that an 80 kg person on the Red Planet will weigh about 30 kg.

Isn’t that a great excuse for colonization?

Gravity is not related to weight.

Whatever the mass of objects (10 or 100 kg), they will fall to Earth at the same speed, because gravity is not related to weight, but to the shape of the body.

the moon

If you think gravity is too weak on the Moon, then objects fall more slowly than on Earth, you are wrong, the opposite is true!

The reason is in the absence of atmosphere – air resistance is excluded from the formula.

Returning to Earth, many astronauts not only learn to walk again, but completely forget gravity!

Therefore, in the first few weeks of acclimatization, they quietly release objects in weight, forgetting that they can break.

In theory, the human race is not able to dominate the planet, whose gravity exceeds more than three times that of the Earth.

Our body will not endure such pressure, all its functions will be impaired, which will lead to a painful death.

Life without gravity is dangerous: in zero gravity, the human body loses calcium quickly, which makes its bones brittle and weak.

That’s why ISS astronauts need to follow a strict diet and exercise constantly.

In space, the human body grows, the reason for this is the straightening of the spine due to lack of gravity.

By the way, that’s why Martians must be taller than Earthlings – there’s no gravity pressure. On the other hand, the more pronounced gravity, the stronger the inhabitants of the planet are physically stronger.

bacteria facts

Many terrestrial bacteria in space become much more aggressive.

Why is that? The lower the force of gravity, the faster the disease progresses, so astronauts must be exceptionally healthy people.

In the absence of gravity, spiders weave a ball-shaped web.

The flame of a candle in zero gravity also has the shape of a sphere, while the fire does not give a yellow glow, but blue.

In the Universe, there are areas where the force of gravity is distorted, scientists call them “gravitational lenses of space”.

Such an anomaly helps to study the most remote corners of the Galaxy in more detail. Often increasing the visibility zone.

According to the assumption of astrophysicists, at the center of the Milky Way there is a huge black hole, the mass of which exceeds the mass of the Sun by hundreds of millions of times.

This same hole creates the strongest gravity in the galaxy, which must be taken into account in spatial calculations.

The gravity of black holes is so powerful that it absorbs all living things, even light.

Each object in the Universe – comets, stars, planets – has its own gravitational force, which necessarily interacts with other objects.

This is why, even in the absence of gravity, gravity is always present, although its values can be overlooked.

On our planet, gravity is distributed unevenly due to the fact that the Earth rotates constantly, has a non-uniform surface and different heights of the continents.

And because the earth’s poles are flattened, the force of gravity in these zones is also more noticeable than at the equator.

The lowest gravity on Earth is in the Hudson Bay area.

This anomaly is explained by the melting of glaciers, which deform the earth’s crust and displace its mass.

Another curiosity: due to gravity, our bladder feels much more pressure on the walls than if we were flying in zero gravity.

That’s why we want to use the bathroom even when it’s only a third full. For example, in space, astronauts don’t feel needy until their bladders are filled to the brim.20. In fact, due to the low severity on the ISS, it is forbidden to drink soft drinks.

The lack of weight alters the principle of gas distribution in the stomach, which is why a glass of glue can cause a damp burp and even vomit, and all this mess will return to the esophagus. I agree, you don’t want such experiments for anyone.

Quick facts About gravity:

  • It is included in the list of the four fundamental forces that determine the interaction of all objects in the Universe. The weakest of which are the weakest of them.
  • In fact, gravity is not as strong. If we combine some small magnets, cling to the metal ceiling, they will easily overcomes it.
  • In space, there are gravitational lenses – areas with distorted gravity and “condensed”. No one yet knows what causes them (see interesting facts about space).
  • There is no connection between the gravity and weight of any objects. If you drop a pair of objects in the same way, but with different weights of a height, they will fall with the same acceleration.
  • In the absence of gravity, the flame around a match or lit candle spreads in all directions and does not extend upwards.
  • Due to less gravity, people who grew up, for example on Mars, will be taller than the inhabitants of Earth. But at the same time will be inferior to them in physical strength.
  • Isaac Newton was the first scientist to formulate the law of universal gravitation.
  • To overcome the force of Earth’s gravity, the rocket needs to accelerate to 11.2 kilometers per second

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