16 Fun Facts About Television That Will Amaze You

Facts About Television:

Television has already entered our lives firmly and is filled with many of the most interesting secrets. We have prepared for you a selection of interesting facts about television and are in a hurry to share with you!


The world’s first television broadcast

Few people know that the world’s first television broadcast took place in the Russian Empire, that is, in St. Petersburg in 1911. It was carried out at the premises of the Technological Institute by the Russian physicist Boris Rosing.

The “father” of television is a Russian immigrant

In 1933, Russian emigrant Vladimir Zworykin demonstrated an iconoscope (a transmitting electron tube), in the United States. This invention became the main element in all televisions, and today Vladimir Zworykin is considered the “father” of television.

Don’t watch TV

Strange as it may seem, but one of the inventors of television, American Philo Taylor Farnsworth, has banned watching television shows, claiming that they show nothing worth seeing. Maybe it’s hard to disagree with that. And what do you think?

The TV series is a soap opera

Television series are often referred to as soap operas in the United States. But where did that name come from? No matter how weird it may seem, soap! In the 1930s, the radio’s main audience was housewives. And on American radio there were serial shows with breathtaking stories. The sponsors of these radio series were manufacturers of soap and other detergents. That’s why the stable expression “soap opera” got stuck with the radio and television series.

Do you watch TV? Pay tax!


Britons are required to pay taxes to the BBC for the use of television: around £140 a year to watch color TV channels and around £50 for black and white. In recent years, in the UK, more and more residents prefer to watch not ON TV, but on YouTube. It is much cheaper for them and it is more convenient to watch what you want at a convenient time for yourself.

Part of watching TV!

Statistics are a very bad thing. And television is still very addictive. For example, according to statistics, every American spends about 15 years watching TV and 70% of Russians watch TV every day. Just think of these numbers, how many people watched TV in the first decade of the 21st century on average per day:

  • Spain – 246 minutes per day
  • Poland – 243 minutes per day
  • UK – 241 minutes a day (and this despite tax)
  • Canada – 238 minutes per day
  • Russia – 238 minutes a day (yes, in Russia not only the climate is similar to that of Canada, we also watch TV in the same amount)
  • France – 230 minutes per day• Germany – 222 minutes per day
  • Brazil, 216 minutes per day

We think that now this time is spent on YouTube and social networks. In fact, for the past 100 years, television has been providing news to people and evoking different emotions.

Legend in the world of advertising by the number of shots

Dave Thomas, founder of Wendy’s largest fast food chain, is the true record holder of advertising shootings. Since 1989, he has done about 800 commercials. And Wendy’s own network began shooting videos as early as 1972, already understanding the importance of television as a mass advertising platform. By the way, in 2002 Wendy’s ranked third in the US in terms of number of restaurants. At that time, there were more than six thousand of them worldwide.

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Expensive commercial

One of the most expensive television commercials was filmed for the French brand Chanel. It was an ad with actress Nicole Kidman that the company spent $44 million! The video was released in 2005. Believe me, this is the budget of an average Hollywood blockbuster, even by today’s standards.

television facts

Hack the air and…

In 1987, during the broadcast of Doctor Who, an unknown man invaded the air and for a minute and a half laughed, sang, spoke incomprehensible, incoherent phrases, and even threw a can of Coca-Cola on camera twice. By the way, he was never found.

Forbidden hidden advertising!

And no, we are not talking about frame 25 (its use is also prohibited). We’re talking about hidden advertising in movies. It is forbidden, although only in Norway. There is an official ban on the use of hidden advertising, or so-called product placement. For example, James Bond’s use of this or that smartphone or car is far from accidental. According to statistics, about two-thirds of advertisers use this hidden advertising in movies and serials.

Live music broadcast

We are already used to online broadcasts on YouTube or other services. But such broadcasts originated on TV. For example, the first pianist to be shown live on television was the American composer Earl Wild.

Most popular TV show

Has everyone thought of The Simpsons? We didn’t argue, everyone had their favorite show. But the most popular is the British TV show Top Gear. It is dedicated to cars and sunk into the soul of all car owners. It is true that “The Simpsons” also had a prominent place in television nominations.

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The longest animated series

But the comedy series The Simpsons is recognized as the longest animated series in television history. Yes, those are the Simpsons themselves that maybe all the kids from the ’90s watched. In second place is the television series “Hey Arnold!”

Longer TV Series

You think its “Santa Barbara” with 2, 137 episodes? No, he’s in 10th place. Also The longest series that has ever made in history is “Guiding Light”. Its plot is similar to that of “Santa Barbara”. It is true that it began as a radio series (from 1937 to 1952) and only then turned into a television series (from 1952 to 2009). In total, it has 72 seasons and 18262 episodes. “Santa Barbara” smokes nervously on the sidelines.

Great way to manipulate

Any media is a great way to manipulate the population. So it was with the newspapers, with the radio, so it was with the TV. Television can be used for a variety of purposes: from public relations in the election of one or another candidate to the preparation of public opinion, for example, for war (the United States did not allow anti-war rhetoric before the war in Iraq).

TV Day

Television has become so firmly established in our lives that we had to make a World Television Day official. It is celebrated on November 21, and the holiday was established in 1996. Share with your friends, let them also learn interesting facts about television and television history.

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