15 amazing facts about the Hulk

15 amazing facts about the Hulk

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Everyone knows the Hulk as a huge super strong green giant, who is afraid of good half the creatures of the vast Marvel universe. In addition, many people know that their strength grows in direct proportion to their anger and, in fact, there is no limit to them. Bruce Banner’s body contains the essence of one of the most unpredictable heroes, and this essence is full of unusual mysteries and abilities. The most interesting skills and facts about the Hulk are below:

You can see ghosts

The ability to see ghosts and other invisible creatures has never been fully explained. But it is speculated that the reason for this is the hero’s enhanced senses. He is also able to identify the true Doctor Strange of illusions and feels his astral form.

Can breathe underwater

More precisely, even to say “breathe water”. This was stated in the comics more than once, and the first time the reader knew about it was in The Incredible Hulk #77. The ability is explained by the fact that the Hulk’s body can adapt to any environment around him to help the body survive.

Banner became the Hulk out of boredom.

As you already know, Bruce Banner becomes the Hulk when he is angry or when his life is in danger. And Banner’s Ultimate universe can turn into the Hulk only when you’re bored. Isn’t it once of the cool facts about the hulk!

plants that feed Hulk’s blood

And it makes them grow faster. In “Planet Hulk” it was shown that the flowers began to grow in Sakaar in those places where the Hulk’s blood was shed. It’s funny to realize that an evil and scary hero, if desired, could grow a beautiful flower garden.

Worked in a casino

It’s hard to imagine the Hulk in such a position, but he was once a casino security guard and part-time gangster named Joe Fixit. This happened when Bruce was in the Hulk’s body for a long time and could not return to human form.

Connection with She- Hulk

Thanks to the blood of Bruce Banner, her cousin Jennifer Walters also managed to become a heroine, but unlike the Hulk, she kept her intelligence and personality in her “green” form. In the alternate reality of Old Logan, something happened between the Hulk and She-Hulk that you obviously don’t expect from cousins.

Banner Made Suffer Alone

In the arc The Incredible Hulk: The End, a nuclear bomb ended all life on the planet, leaving Bruce Banner as the only survivor. Bruce’s desire to end that desire is understandable, but the Hulk simply wouldn’t let him take his own life. These are the strange relationships between two personalities of a person.

He swimming fat in the movie

The Hulk has become an integral part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but in the movies, the hero has a wonderful feature that distinguishes him from other burly superheroes. Jos Whedon wanted to add realism to the Hulk due to lack of press. According to visual effects artist Jeff White, Whedon didn’t want to make the Hulk a perfectly figured hero without excess fat.

You don’t need to sleep or eat

The Hulk is incredibly strong and gets even stronger when he gets angrier. You may think he needs to eat well to maintain energy, but that’s not the case. In The Incredible Hulk #275, Banner stated that his green form could go weeks without sleeping or eating.

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Emits radiation

Hulk’s origin story is closely linked to radiation. Bruce Banner’s body was massively bombarded with gamma rays, and this event was not without consequences. The Hulk’s body is known to constantly emit a certain amount of radiation.

Fin Fan Fun thrown to the moon

To understand the hulk’s level of power, you can cite many examples of the rich history of his adventures. But one of the most significant indicators of strength is the range of the pitch. He once threw a huge alien dragon from Antarctica to the moon.

Thanos avoids the Hulk

Despite the fact that in the “Infinity War” Thanos defeated the Hulk with great confidence in the comics, the titan often avoided meeting the green monster because he knew that even if he could defeat him, it would take an incredible amount of time and effort.

Survived the lava dive

If the Hulk’s bulletproof skin doesn’t surprise you, your next move will probably surprise you. In “Planet Hulk” the hero jumped into the lava to connect the planet’s two tectonic plates, and survived.

Can live for thousands of years

One of the most serious secrets of the Hulk’s abilities is that he is able to live for several thousand years. Bruce Banner ages like a normal person, but his alter ego doesn’t. During the above story with existence on a lifeless Earth, Bruce turned into an old man, while the Hulk remained the same young man.

Was defeated by a joke

Few things in the universe can stop the Hulk. And if anyone is going to fight him, he should always have a plan B. In that sense, Spider-Man got lucky with his sense of humor. When Parker had to face the Hulk, he decided to calm him down with a joke, and it worked. Hulk was distracted and Bruce Banner took over his body.

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