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Did you be based today? In that case, it was a clear sign that you were slightly dehydrated at the time. Here are few facts about Water to know:

Its body is composed of approximately 60% water. This means that the state of dehydration is directly related to the performance of our body. Almost all systems in the human body cannot function normally without the required amount of water inside.

Here are we going to find out why we need to drink water?

  1. If we do not drink water, we will die. It’s a big deal. Without water, we can’t live a few days.
  2. Water prevents cancer. Several studies have shown that a hydrated body is less likely to have colon cancer (45% less risk), bladder cancer (50% less risk).
  3. We are less capricious with water. True, many scientific studies prove that water can affect a person’s mood and make them less irritated or ashamed. Think, perhaps, to feel happy – you just need to drink clean and healthy water.
  4. By choosing water, we become more resilient. Adequate hydration contributes to increased athletic performance. Water makes up 75% of our muscle tissue! Dehydration can lead to weakness, fatigue, dizziness and electrolyte imbalances.
  5. Water helps keep our body in good shape. Sometimes we think we’re hungry, when in fact we’re just get hungry.6. Water reduces joint pain. Drinking water can reduce joint pain while keeping cartilage soft and hydrated.
  6. Water helps our body eliminate waste and bacteria. Our digestive system cannot function properly without water.
  7. Water helps us avoid headaches. Sometimes headaches can be caused by simple dehydration, so drinking water can prevent or relieve an unpleasant headache. Next time you get a headache again, try drinking water.
  8. Water helps our skin shine. And our skin is the largest organ in the entire body. Regular water intake can improve skin color and texture, while water also assists in proper formation of new cells. Drinking water also helps our skin regulate body temperature.
  9. Water is necessary for metabolism. Water is essential for proper absorption of nutrients in the body. Water is like the body’s transport system, when we are dehydrated, the substances cannot be absorbed.

And a few more tips:

Take a bottle of water with you everywhere as a reminder that you may be dehydrated.

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables – there is plenty of water.

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How to behave during the heat?

Helpful advice from doctors

– Leave as little as possible during hours of solar activity – from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm.

– You need to drink in small parts, a few sips, but every 30 minutes. You cannot drink water in a sip – this way you can provoke a heart attack by restarting the cardiovascular system with excess fluid. Those suffering from cardiovascular diseases should limit the amount of liquid to 1-1.5 liters. To compensate for the loss of salts and microelements excreted with sweat, it is best to use alkaline mineral water. Alcohol should be completely abandoned, because its influence distorts the sensations: a person may not realize that it has overheated.

From time to time, the face, neck, elbows and knees should be moisten as the vessels pass through there. This helps cool the body.

Air conditioners and fans are dangerous if the air blows directly at a person, not to the side, especially if she enters a cold room on a hot street. This increases the risk of getting sick. It is strictly forbidden to jump into a pool or lake with cold water, as a sudden change in temperature can cause vascular spasm, shock or even a heart attack. You need to dive, having previously cooled in the shade.

It is very dangerous to work in heat for a long time on a tilt and lowering the head. This posture can cause a sharp increase in pressure.

First aid for a person who has become ill due to overheating- let go of the chest of the clothes.- turn on the air conditioner or fan in the room. If you are on the street or in transportation, the victim should be moved into the shade. – Spray a person who has become ill with water, put a towel or wet napkin on his head. They should be placed in the large vessels of the neck and armpits. If the victim doesn’t get better, call an ambulance.

7 useful tips for using water in your home

Cleaning the iron

If during ironing the iron is covered with a dark coating and there is no time for a serious cleaning, you can quickly correct the situation with a piece of cloth: wet it and rub the “sole” of the iron properly – the hot coating will come out quickly.

Mirror cleaning

An amazing object is a mirror: it seems to be always in sight, but when it comes to cleaning, it is often discovered. Therefore, it is often necessary to clean it on the run, three seconds before the arrival of the guests. There is a wonderful but well forgotten way to do this in a matter of seconds, without resorting to windshield wipers and other special things: just spray the mirror with cold water and clean it immediately with a piece of newspaper.

Boiling milk

So that the milk does not heat when boiled, which happens almost constantly, the experienced housewives do the following: first, pour some cold water into the pan and bring to the boil, and only then – milk. In this case, it does not burn and does not leave an unpleasant taste.

Cooking squid

If you like squid, but do not like to mess with them by cleaning them from the film, write down this advice: without thawing, place the carcasses in a deep bowl and pour boiling water for just a few seconds. Immediately drain the hot water and pour in the cold water. The tape will come out easily.

Cook porridge without lumps

Semolina porridge with lumps is a nightmare of Soviet childhood, and pitted is the pride of a true hostess. In fact, it is easier to cook this if you add semolina not to boiling water, but to cold water. After that, the porridge should be put on fire and boiled, stirring with a whisk. The result – not a single lump!

Peeling Walnuts

There is, of course, a hammer and door openings, but you can do everything without compromising repair and your own fingers. To do this, you will need hot water and a fork or sharp knife. Place the walnuts in boiling water for 10 minutes. After that, the tip of the knife or the tooth of the fork should be inserted into a small recess along the edges of the nut and rotated – the “coffin” will be opened.

Tearing wallpaper and eliminating the consequences of repairs

In spring, many are visited by the thought of repairing, but the prospect of peeling the old wallpaper is frightening. Scraping walls for days, choking on dust, not a great pleasure. But things will be faster and easier if you do the following: you need to dampen a cloth with cold water, attach it to the wallpaper and pass it with a hot iron. Immediately after that, the still hot and damp part of the wallpaper should be separated from the wall.

When pasting wallpaper at home without a large-scale repair, many face another problem: how to remove glue stains from them later. It’s pretty simple: when the wallpaper dries, we fill the spray bottle with clean cold water, spray the stain and then wipe it with a damp cloth.

Drinking regime

facts about water

We explain health problems and headaches from fatigue and problems at work, drink pills, eat goodies when you only need to drink a glass of pure water. Yes, this surprises many, but in most cases the reason is very banal – lack of water, to which the body reacts very strongly. Each second person drinks only a third of the daily norm, which leads to a violation of the chemical processes in the body.

And if the young organism still somehow deals with scarcity, with age people have several problems. Answer a simple question: how often do you suffer from headaches and fatigue, how much water do you drink, plus tea and coffee? If pain is your usual state of health in the morning, it’s time to think.

More doesn’t mean better

In recent years, articles on healthy lifestyles have mentioned the importance of water for the health of the whole body. Like, this is the most useful product on our planet, and the more you drink during the day, the healthier you become. Literally with every sip, every cell heals, rejuvenates, full of useful elements. But the experts are ready to argue with that.

“There is a belief, supported by newspaper articles and magazines, that our need for water should be supplied exclusively by water itself,” says nutritionist Gal Goldberg. “My colleagues and I would never say that people should drink only water. This is an individual matter for everyone.

“The volume of water consumed may vary depending on the person’s diet, place of residence and type of activity. If you follow the now popular standard of 1.5 to 2 liters of water per day, drink at the right time for maximum benefit.

When to drink water

Time Table

8:00. Two glasses of warm water with lemon on an empty stomach. Proven to be the best start to the day. Water on an empty stomach is a way to achieve the desired level of hydration, wake up the body and prepare you to eat. By the way, you can have breakfast not before half an hour after drinking water.

11:00. A glass of water at room temperature. Drinking water at this time means reducing your appetite and eating half the usual part during lunch. For those who consider lunch as their main meal, this will seem like a real blasphemy. But if you want to not only improve your health, but also lose weight, make it a habit.

13:00. Always have a glass of warm water before 30 minutes from lunch and a glass during lunch. There is a myth that drinking too much fluid while eating is harmful. If you drink a sweet or carbonated drink, and even in large quantities, it will definitely hurt. But a glass of warm water over lunch will help improve your digestion.

16:00. Half a liter of water at room temperature. We fill the gap between lunch and dinner in different ways: fruits, chocolate bars, French fries. And you need water.

20:00. A glass of warm water. This is the final step. You can add a slice of lemon and some liquid honey to the water, which will not only improve the taste, but will also benefit the body.

This drinking regime not only ensures the health of the body, but also helps to get rid of excess weight. Now no diets, hunger and any other restrictions. Drink water according to schedule and lose weight, but gain health and strength.

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