10 Fun Facts About Airplanes That Will Make Your Day

Most Interesting and Fun Facts About Airplanes

Today we will talk about 10 interesting facts that will probably surprise you. Did you know that sometimes pilots can fall asleep during the flight, both of them, and the mask on board the plane will give you only 15 minutes of oxygen? Have you ever thought that coldness is provided in the cabin for a reason – that’s how the staff takes care of the health of passengers. About these fascinating and exciting fun facts about Airplanes and other curious moments:

Fun Facts About Airplanes

1. The aircraft’s dim lighting helps you see better after landing

Air accidents rarely happen in the air. Taking off and landing are the most threatening moments. That’s why special attention is paid to them. Why is lighting reduced? First, electricity is saved so that nothing interferes with the operation of the generator when it is at maximum voltage. Secondly, if the lighting changes drastically, we need time to regain vision.

Remember how on a sunny winter day you could not immediately distinguish the contours of the objects of the house?

When a plane lands at night, the lights are dim, our eyes adjust to the darkness and we can see better outside the plane. In the event of unforeseen events, passengers may leave the aircraft more quickly. The soft light on the aircraft is necessary to prepare for evacuation, the contrast of external and internal lighting will not become an obstacle to it.

2. In an airplane, air is removed from the engine.

Loading compressed air into the cabin is an inaccessible luxury for air carriers. The air you breathe in an airplane is compressed air from the engine compressor. The composition of the air does not change with the height. Both contained 21% oxygen and are contained even more.

The problem is that the pressure is very low – about 4 times less.

The air supply system of the aircraft cockpit is complex, consists of three parts. The first maintains pressure, the second is responsible for air ventilation and the third for a comfortable temperature and air conditioning. Air is removed from the engine compressor and enters the aircraft cabin through special filters, radiators and a turbo-cooler.

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3. Captain can arrest passengers

As soon as the plane takes off, the captain has additional powers. It can detain violent passengers during the flight, in addition to issuing a fine. aren’t these fun facts about airplanes amazing?

4. Oxygen mask will allow you to breathe for 15 minutes

Each aircraft undergoes mandatory technical checks, however, no ship is insured against emergency depressurization of the cabin of a commercial aircraft. A mask on board the plane will give you 15 minutes of oxygen.

This is long enough for the pilot who gets off the plane to find an altitude at which he can breathe normally. At an altitude of 3 km, the air is no longer as discharged and breathing is possible without oxygen mask.

5. Why are planes white?

Surprisingly, white ink is lighter than all the others, which is why most aircraft choose it. Less weight allows you to use less fuel throughout the flight. In addition, the white color better reflects the sun’s rays. This ensures that the aircraft does not overheat. On a white surface, it is easier to notice scratches, cracks and malfunction and repair them. Now this is understandable that airplanes with bright colors or with inscriptions incur additional costs.

white airplane

6. Why is the plane so cold?

The cold temperature is maintained only for the health of passengers. In a warm, closed room, people are more likely to suffer from hypoxia – lack of oxygen. If it’s freezing, you can ask the stewardess or flight attendant for a blanket. Modern aircraft already have enhanced thermostats. With their help, the temperature in the liner cab is adjusted more precisely.

7. How to choose the most comfortable and safe seat?

If you don’t want to hear the engine noise to the end, choose a seat closer to the nose of the aircraft. Maybe then you’ll hear the staff talk, but it won’t be so annoying. By choosing a seat in the aisle, you guarantee a larger selection of lunches and snacks. If you’re too tall, sit at the emergency exit.

It will be increasingly easy for you to get out of the cabin without congestion and you will be able to fly in a more comfortable position. On the other hand, passengers who choose the tail of the plane are more likely to survive plane crashes.

8. Folding table is the dirtiest place on the plane

The dirtiest place on the plane is not the bathroom, but the folding table. There’s eight times more bacteria than a discharge button on an airplane.

9. Only 5% of the world’s population flies on airplanes

By the way, only 5% of the world’s population has flown at least once. And most of them are frequent flyers.

10. During the flight we lost a lot of water

During a 3-hour flight, the body loses about 8 to 10 glasses of Interesting Facts About Water That Will Amaze you. You’re at risk of dehydration. And with the lack of fluid, it’s even harder to take the flight.

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