30 Fun Facts About Everything In The World

The most interesting fun facts about everything in the world to amaze you

Reading interesting fun facts about everything is not only fun, but also useful. These little pieces of information don’t just occupy valuable space in our heads – they develop critical thinking, impress others, or distract us from negative thoughts.

One moment is a unit of measure, and money is not made of paper – which has not yet been said at school.

Today we will talk about 30 facts about everything in the world, which at some point in your life may come in handy.


Sarcasm increases creativity

Perhaps sarcasm is not the most captivating habit and an attractive quality. If you have a penchant for a sarcastic sense of humor, it is likely that you have been advised at least once to slow down. But fans of the sarcastic tone can rejoice: studies have shown that sarcasm improves creativity.

And not only the author of the joke, but also its recipient. The fact is that a mocking observation involves making connections between opposing ideas, and its interpretation requires the brain to reason beyond the literal.

The probability of a coin falling on the obverse is not 50/50

When you toss a coin, its physics, not probability, that determines how it falls. American mathematician Percy Diaconis found that the probability of a coin falling on its face during a launch is much higher. The way he landed is not accidental!

With a little practice, the coin toss can be easily manipulated to land the way you want. Also, if you spin the coin, it’s more likely to tail, since the faces weigh a little more.

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Is there an equation to determine the distance from the horizon?

“Horizon” is something distant and almost abstract. But it may be closer than you think. There is an equation that helps you calculate the distance to the horizon (if you know how high it is above sea level).For example, if your height is 182 centimeters, you are at sea level and your eyes are at a height of about 167 centimeters from the earth’s surface, so the horizon is about 5 kilometers from you.

For calculations, you need a calculator. And the equation looks like this: √ (height above sea level / 0.5736) = distance to the horizon.

I agree, it’s still good to know that there is a way to find out!

If a crocodile attacks you, stick your thumb in his eye.

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Of course, easier said than done. But wildlife experts agree that this is the best way to escape in the event of a crocodile attack. It’s the same with the alligator. The eyes are the most sensitive part of the reptile’s body. Ideally, when poked, the animal loosens the jaws.

The shortest English phrase is “Go”

Yes, just two letters – a grammatically correct English phrase. But it is only considered as such if it is a command in imperative mode. She orders the listener to go. If you prefer a sentence with a single word as a subject, the shortest one will already have three letters. And that’s “I am.”

“Mig” is a real unit of time

Did you ever say you’d be back in the blink of an eye? You definitely lied. And although the term “snapshot” means “a short period of time”, in fact, this is a scientific term.

In the world of physics, a moment is the time it takes light to travel a distance of one centimeter (about 33.4 picosseconds) in the vacuum. Meanwhile, a PS is a trillionth of a second.

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Money is not made of paper

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It turns out that saying “paper money” isn’t quite right! According to the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing, the money is 75% cotton and 25% linen, which “gives a distinct look”.

The composition of the Russian banknotes is a little different.

Orange is the worst color for an interview.

According to a Career Builder survey, Orange makes the worst first impression in an interview. 25% of respondents said that this bright color makes candidates look unprofessional. The best color you can use in a meeting with a potential employer is blue.

At some point you were the youngest person on Earth

At the time of your birth, you were the youngest person in the world, though not for long. Pretty cool, right?

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Your chances of living up to 116 years are very small.

And again talking about age, but on the other hand: only one person in 2 billion lives until the age of 116. If you want to be one of these people, you need to follow the advice and recommendations of the centenarians.

Sleeping burns more calories than watching TV.

Yes, you burn calories while you sleep, and it’s usually more efficient than when you watch TV. The main reason is that when we sleep, we don’t eat. And when we watch an interesting movie or series, we are often tempted to go to the fridge.

Video game soundtracks are the best songs for concentration

The next time you need to focus on a work project or prepare for a future test, try listening to video game music.

Their goal is to focus as much as possible on the current task, plunging you into the atmosphere of the game. So if you need background music for work or school, check out this playlist of instrumental video game music.

“Forty” – the only Number in English, whose letters are arranged alphabetically

It’s not the most useful fact – let’s classify it as fun. Take a look at any other number. You’re not going to find that.

“Mouses” is a valid plural for a computer mouse

It’s no secret that plurals in English are confusing. Like, why the plural for home – houses and mouse are NOT mice (but mice)?

Well, at least when it comes to a computer mouse, you can add the dear S to the word and not remember the complex shape. According to Merriam-Webster, mice is a valid plural form for the technological use of “mouse”. (Although you can still call them “rats.”)See also25 little-known scientific facts that can change the way you see the world

…And the speed of a computer mouse is measured in “Mickey Mouse”

Someone was obviously in a good mood when they came up with this. But we love it! Technically, a mickey is 1/200 inch. The speed can be measured in “pixels per mickey” – that is, how many pixels the cursor on the screen moves when the physical mouse moves a mickey.


The chances of getting a royal flush in poker are 649739 to 1

When people say a royal flush is lucky, they’re not kidding! The chances of getting a straight flush are slightly higher: 72192 to 1.

There is a cat version of corgi.

Dedicated to all cat lovers. This precious ball of wool is called Munchkin. Like Corgi and Dachshund, their short legs and long body are the result of a genetic mutation. If a cat has an autosomal dominant gene that causes the leg bones to become shorter, it can pass this trait on to its kittens.

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A banana is a berry (but a strawberry is not)

The conversation about berries is confusing! This is because, technically, a “berry” is a fruit with three distinct layers: a thick outer layer; containing a large edible part; and internal with seeds.

The fruit should also come from a flower with a single ovary. According to this classification, grapes are also a berry, but strawberries are not. Botanists do not seem to be particularly attached to this nomenclature system.

The lampposts in New York’s Central Park have written numbers to help identify the location.

Light poles in Central Park have numbers to help you track where you are. If you get lost, pay attention to the nearest flashlight – it will have four numbers.

The first two are the numbers of the nearest numbered street, and the second shows which side of the park you are on – east or west. Odd numbers indicate the west and even numbers indicate the east. The numbers have been around for as long as the lampposts themselves – since the 19th century.

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People with blue eyes are more resistant to alcohol.

According to a study by Georgia State University, blue-eyed people tend to be more resistant to alcohol and can drink more before they feel the effects. The other side of this little thing? Blue-eyed people are more likely to develop alcohol dependence.

The researchers discovered a strong link between eye color genes and habituation genes. (Although you should drink responsibly anyway, it doesn’t matter the color of your pupils.)

Doritos may start a fire

Doritos chips are highly flammable and can become something like firewood if you need to light a fire. According to Lifehacker.com, oil and seasoning in French fries, especially spicy varieties, can burn for a long time.

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You can “cut” an apple in half with your own hands

In 2019, actor Paul Rudd surprised audiences by manually splitting an apple in two in a Netflix video. But more experienced viewers were quick to point out that this was not a demonstration of over human strength, but the result of training.

Simply press the two-thumbed muscle base into the recess at the top of the apple (cut the stem to make it easier), then squeeze the apple from top to bottom and open your arms as if opening a book. Smaller, crispier varieties of apples work best for this trick.

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Only two parts of the body never stop growing.

Well, technically there’s three. This is the nose and ears. When you “finish growing” in adolescence, the number of cells in most of your body will remain the same – that is, you will not grow.

But the cells themselves can still increase and decrease in size – the overall size of the body can change – but only the cells in the nose and ears continue to divide.

There are sweets that glow in the dark.

Thanks to the electron-ejecting nature of crystalline sugar, Wint-O-Green Life Savers really glow in the dark.

The fact is that when electrons find nitrogen in the air, the molecules of the latter light up (in fact, all sweets made of crystalline sugar emit faint visible light when cracked). But because Wint-O-Green Life Savers contains Gaultéria oil with fluorescent properties, this visible light becomes much brighter.

English (as a second language) is spoken by almost 6 times more people than native speakers

If you’ve traveled the world, you’ve probably noticed that many of the instructions on the plates are written in English. And almost all locals and tourists seem to have basic knowledge.

This is because, according to The New Yorker, about 2 billion people worldwide speak English as a second language. That’s about 6 (just over 5.7) times the number of native speakers (about 350 million people).

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You are more likely to die on your birthday than any other day.

The probability depends on age, but it is around 13%. Several famous people died on their birthdays, including William Shakespeare, actress Ingrid Bergman and The Womanly Mystery author Betty Friedan.

Studies have shown that the risk of heart attack and stroke increases on the day you are born by about 22% and 19%, respectively.

“Gurging in the stomach” has a scientific name.

The official name for their stomach sounds is borborigmo, or “belly snoring”. This happens when the gas circulates in the intestines, so saying that your stomach is snoring is not entirely true.

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Dogs can feel human emotions.

Research has shown that there are voice-sensitive areas in the dog’s brain that are very similar to humans, both in terms of location and activity.

And the authors of a study at the University of Lincoln found that dogs can correctly pair a sound that conveys a certain emotion with a photograph of a person representing that emotion.

Dogs did not see or hear humans in the photos prior to the experiment, suggesting that animals have an instinctive ability to discern complex emotions. This is probably due to the fact that humans have demoted dogs and their ancestors for thousands of years, creating a unique relationship in the animal kingdom.

If you store sour cream or cottage cheese upside down, they will last longer.

Storing cream or cottage cheese upside down will increase its shelf life. This is because this position creates a vacuum in the container, which slows the growth of bacteria that cause deterioration.

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Hugs can speed up healing.

It is true – hugs accelerate wound healing. They and other positive forms of contact with a loved one release the hormone oxytocin. It, in turn, relieves pain and even accelerates healing by stimulating the immune system.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that instead of calling an ambulance, you need to hug. It’s just that hugs are much better for each of us than we thought.

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