20 Little-Known Fun Facts About Titanic

20 Interesting and fun facts about Titanic

Exactly 110 years ago, the Titanic departed on its first and last voyage. On this occasion, we gathered 20 little-known fun facts about Titanic one of the unluckiest ships in history:

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1. A lot of rivets

3 million rivets were used to build the Titanic, most of which were handmade.

2. Used a lot of lubricates

To launch the ship into the water, it took 23 tons of fat, locomotive oil and liquid soap to lubricate the walkways.

3. The unsinkable

Designers considered the coating unsinkable. The double bottom and the 16 watertight bulks were the know-how for the time. But, the engineers didn’t imagined how penetrating an iceberg could be.

4. No use of binoculars

On the Titanic there were no binoculars. The captain fired his second mate, Blair, who, in retaliation, stole the keys from the safe, which contained binoculars for lookouts.

5. Ignored warnings

The shipwreck occurred on April 14, 1912. Events are recreated in the smallest detail. Since the morning, ten times the crews of other ocean liners have reported that icebergs were already nearby, but the Titanic ignored those warnings. The last report was received on the Titanic 40 minutes before the collision. But the titanic radio operator didn’t even hear the message and cut off the connection.

6. Big role of Margaret Brown

Many celebrities of the time were on the transatlantic. Among them, for example, was millionaire and feminist Margaret Brown. She was famous for knowing five languages and cursing them like a cobbler. After the collision with the iceberg, Margaret helped accommodate people on the boats, but she herself was in no hurry to leave the ship. At last, someone pushed her into a boat by force and sent her out to ocean. Having arrived on another ship, the Carpathia, Margaret immediately began searching for blankets and food for the victims, compiling lists of survivors and collecting money. By the time Carpathia arrived at the port, he had raised $10,000 for the survivors.

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7. Benjamin Guggenheim “A man of honor”

One more famous titanic passenger, businessman Benjamin Guggenheim, put his partner in a lifeboat. He assured her that they would see each other soon, even though he knew the situation was desperate. Along with the valet, he returned to the cabin and donned a tuxedo, then sat at a table in the central lobby and began drinking whiskey. When someone advised that they still try to get away, Guggenheim replied to him, “We are dressed according to our position and are ready to die as gentlemen.”

8. Raised a lot of money

An exceptional ticket to the Titanic launch ceremony was sold at an auction in London for $56,300. A ship’s menu with a 40-course list sold in New York for $31,300. Another similar menu in London sold for £76,000. The keys to the ship’s rooms, which housed the lifeboat’s lanterns, also survived and sold for £59,000.

9. Sank with Music

The ship was sinking with music. The orchestra until the end stood on deck and played the church hymn “Closer, Lord, to you.”

10. Russian deep-sea submersibles “Mir” in 1991 and 1995 sank on the ship,

which is now at a depth of 3.8 kilometers. Then the devices recorded a video that was included in the notorious James Cameron film. This year, in honor of the centenary of the sinking of the ocean liner, submarinistas have again promised to dive into the Titanic.

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11. Titanic a cultural heritage

UNESCO waited 100 years to announce the wreckage of the Titanic a cultural heritage. They have a special convention for these cases. Now UNESCO will ensure that the Titanic’s items do not go to uneducated divers.

12. A lot of Earning

Launched in honor of the centenary, Titanic 3D has grossed an impressive $17.4 million in the U.S. James Cameron’s “Titanic” in 1997 was a phenomenal success and the fees for those times are huge: $1.8 billion. It was only 12 years after the movie “Avatar” managed to break that record.

13. The ice block also suffered

The ill-fated black iceberg, or rather his photograph, was found 90 years after the Titanic’s death. A few days after the tragedy, a certain Stefan Regorek of Bohemia on another ship passed by the crash site and photographed the iceberg. After close examination, it was proved that the vessel could have made dents in the iceberg. Thus, the ice block also suffered.

14. The real Jack Dawson

Jack Dawson, the hero of the film who brought fame and fortune to Cameron, is a real character. It is true that Cameron later assured that he took the name off the ceiling and that this was a coincidence. However, the real Jack Dawson was a miner on the Titanic. It is true that he was in love not with green-eyed Kate Winslet (she had not yet been born at the time), but for his friend’s sister, who convinced him to become a sailor. In the end, of course, they all died.

15. “Titanic” still in demand

The legends still talk about the Titanic. For example, lovers of mysticism point out that in 1898 the writer Morgan Robertson wrote the novel “Vanity” – about a huge ocean liner and its complacent passengers. Many things coincide in history, for example, the name of the ship – “Titan” – and a collision with an iceberg on a cold April night.

16. Still sending SOS signal

Another legend says that once every six years, radio operators pick up the Titanic’s SOS ghost signal in the air. It was 1st declared by the crew of the battleship Theodore Roosevelt in 1972. The radio operator scoured the archives and found notes from his colleagues that they also received strange radio messages supposedly from the Titanic: in 1924, 1930, 1936 and 1942. In 1996, A Canadian ship Quebec got a SOS signal from the Titanic.


17. Some believes it wasn’t iceberg

Even though the original version is that the Titanic sank an iceberg, not everyone believes it. For example, some claimed that the Titanic was sunk by a German torpedo fired by employees of the company that built the ocean liner to obtain insurance. However, this does not seem convincing considering how many company employees died on April 14, 1912.

18. Titanic was not the only ship

The Titanic was not the only major liner on the White Star Line. The ship “Olympic” began to be built simultaneously with the “Titanic”. In 1911, on leaving for the 11th voyage, the Olympic collided with the British cruiser Hawk. At the same time, the latter miraculously stayed floating, while the Olympian escaped with minor damage.

19. Titanic’s had a younger brother

The Titanic’s younger brother, the Britannic ship, was to be called Gigantic, but after the fall of the first ocean liner, the builders decided to moderate their ambitions. The Britannic was the most comfy out of the 3 ships: Had two hairdressers, a playroom for children and a gym for second-class passengers. Unfortunately, passengers did not have time to appreciate the merits of the new ocean liner. After the outbreak of war, it was converted into a hospital ship and soon hit a mine near Greece. It is true that most of the people on board have been saved.

20. The Last Survivor

The last passenger on the Titanic died in 2009, aged 97. At the time of the sinking, she was 2.5 months old.

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