25 Interesting Facts About Boxing To Amaze You

Most Amazing and Interesting Facts About Boxing

Boxing is one of the most popular types of martial arts. There are many interesting facts about Boxing that can attract you to practice it, for example, at Sparta Fight Club.

Interesting facts about boxing

Boxing emerged before our era

Although it is generally accepted that in its modern form, this sport appeared in England, but you can find mention of punches in ancient Egypt or among the Sumeans.

John Broughton – the “father” of modern boxing

The first rules for this type of martial arts were adopted in 1743. They were proposed by Englishman John Broughton. They’ve received worldwide recognition.

In the USA, it was forbidden to fight in the ring

For a long time, in most U.S. states, it was forbidden to hold boxing matches. This state of things continued until 1900, when boxing was officially recognized as a sport.

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Boxing gloves originated in China

Representatives of this Asian country were the first to wear hand protection. The weight of modern versions of standard gloves is measured in ounces, and the value should always be even.

Facts about boxing

The fastest millions

In 1988, Mike Tyson earned $20 million in less than two minutes by knocking out his opponent Michael Spinks.

Women are stronger than men

At least in the context of the first duel in history between fighters of different sexes. It happened in 1999, the representative of the beautiful sex won.

No kappa – no fight

If during the fight one of the opponents loses the protection of the teeth, the judge is obliged to stop them and allow the lost boxer to return him to his place.

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The most expensive fight

The highest-stakes owner in a championship fight is Mike Tyson, who received $35 million for his victory over Lennox Lewis in 2002.

More consecutive knockouts

The owner of this achievement is the fighter Lamar Clark, who obeyed the mark of 44 fights in a row, completed ahead of schedule.

The tallest boxer

Many mistakenly consider Nikolai Valuev as the tallest fighter, however, this title belongs to Goge Mitu. His height was 2.23 against 2.12 of the Russian.

The most famous promoter

Dong King is considered the most famous fight organizer in the world. With his participation, more than 500 championship belts were played in various weight categories.

mike tyson

The youngest champions

It was Mike Tyson who became the most young heavyweight champion at age 20. In history, there have been younger belt holders among professionals. The record belongs to Wilfred Benitez. Wilfred won the title at the age of 17.

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The longest-serving professional champion was German boxer Max Schleming, who died at the age of 99.

Long fight

Most of the rounds were held in the ring in 1893 by Americans Jack Burke and Andy Bowen. The confrontation lasted more than 7 hours.

No career knockdowns

Never in all fights did the judge open up against David Tua, even though he had been in the ring for 18 years.

Total revenues in excess of US$ 300 million

This is how much Oscar De La Hoya managed to earn during his wrestling career, just as fees for fights.

Russian celebrity boxers

Many famous personalities of our country have been noted in love for this sport: Vladimir Vysotsky, Alexander Rosenbaum and even Alexander Pushkin.

The most ingenious

Boxing is so popular that they make money here literally at all. For example, knowing of his defeat, boxer Julius Francis placed an ad in a fight with Mike Tyson.

Absolute champion

This title is given to an athlete who has at his disposal three major championship belts within the same weight category.


Sports movies usually refer to boxing-related stories. There are over a hundred complete tapes associated with this martial art.

Title Defense

Joe Louis has managed to defend his belts more often. He made 25 successful saves in a row. So far, no one has come close to that indicator.

boxing fun facts

From actors to boxers

The story knows many cases in which boxers starred in movies and TV shows, however, only Mickey Rourke went in the opposite direction, who played several fights as a professional.

Happiness was short-lasted

Having won the championship title, boxer Tony Canzoneri owned it for only 33 days. No one else lost the title of champion so quickly.

The shortest fight

Officially, it lasted four seconds. During this time, Mike Collins and Pat Brownson were able to identify the winner.

Age is not an obstacle

The oldest champion was Bernard Hopkins, this WBC title was awarded to him at age 46.

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