25 Incredible & Interesting Facts About Movies

Interesting Facts About Movies (you didn’t know) The film industry hides many curiosities and secrets behind the films it produces. This art not only arouses interest in the tapes themselves, but also in the entire universe behind them.

Cinema is an art and a mass spectacle. Through the screen, this allowed the history of the world to express itself from its origins and create new ways of telling things, with all kinds of techniques and effects. The films tell stories based on people’s reality, but do so seeking an artistic sense and an emotional response from the audience.

In recent decades, cinema has become not only a discipline, but also a powerful industry that moves huge amounts of money and interests. For all these reasons, it positioned itself as an entertainment platform that has not left a single hole in the world undefeated. Producing cinema requires not only exorbitant capital, but also meticulous work behind it.

This art not only aroused the interest of the spectators in the tapes themselves, but also for the entire universe behind them. And it is that the world of cinema hides secrets and curiosities that are unknown by the majority of the public. In this article we will comment on no less than 25 Interesting Facts About Movies. Some are general and others refer to specific tapes, but either way, none will leave you indifferent.

Interesting Facts About Movies and the world of cinema you didn’t know

Next, we’ll meet 25 Interesting Facts About Movies.

The birth of the seventh art

The status of cinema as art was recognized on December 28, 1895 with the public screening of the lumière brothers’ film. Until then, only architecture, sculpture, painting, music, dance and literature were considered as such. Therefore, cinema is also known as the seventh art.

The first film in history

The first film in history was made by the Lumière brothers, the inventors of the cinematographer, a device that allowed the capture and production of images.

The first movie with sound

Although the beginnings of cinema were muted, in the 1920s Lee de Forest presented his creation Phonofilm, which allowed sound to be incorporated into the films, proving its usefulness with some short films.

The world’s first film school

The oldest film school was the Pan-Soviet Institute of Cinematography, founded in 1919, which is now known as the Pan-Russia University of Gerasimov Cinematography.

The first terror

The first film of its kind was Le manoir du diable, a film made by Georges Molies in 1896. This type of cinema began with very rudimentary effects today, although in its time it was a great revolution.

Color Movie

The first color film was Becky Sharp. It was made in 1935 as an adaptation of William Makepeace Tackeray’s novel Vanity Fair.

The first porn tape

The arrival of the seventh art led to an explosion of creativity to tell all kinds of stories. At some point, it was thought that it might be a good idea to capture sexual content, which gave rise to the first porn film in 1908, called A l’ecu d’or ou la bonne auberge, where the encounter between a soldier and a maid.

The first film award

The Oscars are the oldest film awards, and the first gala took place in 1929 in Los Angeles, so they are less than a century old.

The mysterious model

There has always been speculation about who was the model who served as a guide to make the famous Oscar statuette. Although this information has never been confirmed by the Academy, it is believed that it could have been the Mexican actor Emilio Fernandez, known to the wife of the artistic director in charge of making the figure.

Why Oscar?

Interesting Facts About Movies

Another of the mysteries of these awards is precisely with their name. A legend circulating tells that it was Margaret Herrick, librarian of the Academy, who indicated that the statuette had a strong resemblance to her uncle Oscar. Anyway, it’s an anecdote whose veracity is unknown.

The first anime award winner

Anime cinema has been gaining popularity over time, which allowed a Japanese animated film to be awarded an Oscar for the first time in 2002: Spirited Away.

The beginnings of Goya

The Spanish film festival is now a media event in our country, although these awards do not have as long a life as the Oscars. The first Goya gala took place in 1987 at the Theater Lope de Vega in Madrid.

The bobblehead design

The sculpture of these Spanish awards is not as much mystery as that of the Oscars. In this case, it is known that it is the work of the sculptor José Luis Fernandez, who wanted to honor with her the painter Francisco de Goya.

The first dog on the screen

Rover, whose real name was Blair, was the first dog to star in a film. The film Rescued by Rover, in 1905.

Accident at work in the Hunger Games

The film Hunger Games was a box office success, although its production involved some drawbacks. One was the temporary deafness suffered by Jennifer Lawrence, who had water introduced into her ear while diving on set, which pierced her eardrum.


The clapperboard

This curious object was conceived by Australian filmmaker Frank W. Thring, who found the small blackboards used in the studio impractical to this day. The bar he implemented allowed to emit sound and not just written information, which gave greater accuracy when starting recording.

Toy Story 2

The film Toy Story 2 began as a simple short. However, the great reception he had caused it to be reworked to give rise to a full film.

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Don’t miss the popcorn

You may have wondered why it is so typical to eat popcorn while watching a movie. The truth is that the origin of this custom dates back to the Great Depression, when cinema was the most popular leisure activity in the United States and corn was the cheapest and most abundant product.

Tom Cruise or Aladdin

Maybe when you saw the famous movie Aladdin you thought your protagonist resembles someone. The truth is that this may have its explanation. As Disney studios have taken actor Tom Cruise as inspiration for its creation.

Spider-Man’s Spider

fake spiderman

In the story told in the comics, Peter Parker, also known as Spider-Man, is bitten by a black widow spider. However, in the film adaptation, they chose to use a steatoda spider painted blue and red.

Cute coincidence

If Minnie and Mickey are already captivating in themselves, the truth is that knowing that those who gave them their respective voices are a couple in real life makes us even more suit.

The Titanic Cartoon

Titanic is a classic and, of course, a hit movie. One of the most remembered scenes is the one in which Rose lays naked with her blue diamond in front of Jack, who portrays her thanks to her artistic talent. However, the actual authorship of these illustrations was by the film’s own director, James Cameron.

The advantages of black and white

Although the arrival of color in the cinema was a great advance, black and white brought some advantages. One was that the color of the blood could be of any shade. Therefore, the famous film Psycho used a chocolate mixture to simulate this scarlet liquid.

A curious sound

The characteristic sound emitted by Rex in Jurassic Park was synthesized by the mixture of alligator, tiger and baby elephant sounds, a mixture at least explosive.

Yoda… or Buffy

movies fun facts

Yoda is a well-known character from the Star Wars universe. Although the truth is that his name was not in the early stages of the series’ creation. His first name was Buffy, although his author George Lucas chose to baptize him as Yoda later.


In this article we talk about Interesting Facts About Movies. This art is relatively young, but around it was configured an entire entertainment industry that produced numerous films that seek to represent human reality, tell stories and awaken feelings and reflections in viewers.

The rudimentary production of the beginnings gave way to large blockbusters with complex techniques and effects. A process of change that occurred in approximately a century. Behind the world of cinema there are countless curious facts that most of the public is unaware of. However, knowing these movies facts & details is interesting and fun. And allows us to know a little more about an art that goes far beyond the end result.

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