15 Interesting facts about Palestine

Interesting facts about Palestine

The three main world religions—Islam, Judaism, and Christianity—all place considerable value on the treasures found in Palestine, a land rich in history, culture, and tradition. The landscape has seen a colorful past that continues to pique people’s curiosity now. The Palestinian people are renowned for their warm welcome of guests, interesting cultural traditions, and hospitality. To find out more about this amazing location, continue reading! Here are 15 Interesting facts about Palestine:

Palestine is constantly restless,

conflicts sometimes diminish, but do not stop forever

Palestine has changed hands many times in the last thousands of years.

In the past, it belonged first to Rome, then to Byzantium, that is, the Eastern Roman Empire, then the Crusaders ruled here, after them the Ottoman Empire, and in the 20th century was a protectorate of Great Britain.

Interesting facts about Palestine

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Palestine is a partially recognized state,

of the 193 UN member countries, 138 states have recognized its independence. It was created in 1988 and, at the time of the declaration of independence, the Palestinians did not control the land they claimed.

In Palestine, cryptocurrencies have gained great popularity as they can be paid over the Internet without legal problems.

Just because of uncertain legal status and the unstable political situation, there is no normal banking system here, and Palestinians who have gone somewhere in Europe can financially help their relatives who have remained in their homeland only with the help of electronic money and cryptocurrencies, which can be exchanged here for common money.

Officially, Palestine has no army.

It is true that there are police and various military organizations, but it is not yet an army. However, many state structures are absent here, and US dollars and Israeli shekels are used as funds, since here there is also no currency of its own.

The capital of Palestine is Ramallah.

This is a small town with about 84,000 people, that is, about 150 times less than in Moscow. Ramallah is located just 13 kilometers from Jerusalem, Israel’s capital. People in the Gaza Strip in Palestine are forced to live among the ruins

The Palestinian population consists mainly of ethnic Arabs.

Christians and Muslims are roughly equal to each other, but this does not cause conflict between them.

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The Russian Empire began to acquire possessions in Palestine since the 19th century,

and this practice continued in the USSR. Now, Russia ranks third after the Vatican and Greece in terms of area of possessions in the historic region of Palestine, whose borders, however, do not coincide with the borders of the partially recognized state of the same name.

The situation here is particularly acute

due to the fact that some Palestinian organizations (some of which are recognized as terrorists in several countries) still refuse to recognize Israel’s legitimacy, and Israel, in turn, refuses to recognize independent Palestine.

The Gaza Strip, which is part of Palestine, is one of the hottest spots on Earth.

More than two-thirds of the population here consists of refugees, and the armed conflict here calms down for a while, then escalates again.

Radical terrorist organizations from time to time attack Israeli territory

with homemade missiles, weak and inaccurate, but numerous and easy to manufacture. Israel responds with precision attacks on Palestinian territory. Then the negotiations begin, everything calms down for a while and then starts again.

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Palestine claims an area of just over 6,000 km².

That’s not much – for comparison, the Moscow area within Moscow’s ring road is about 900 km². However, the Palestinians do not control most of the territory they consider their own.

From time to time, terrorists from Palestinian territory make inroads into Israeli territory

by digging under the walls of the barrier. This often results in victims.

In total, about 5 million people live in Palestine.

That’s quite a lot, considering that the area of this partially recognized state is quite small. For comparison, Montenegro is more than 2 times larger and 8 times fewer people live in it.

Many Palestinians survive only thanks to humanitarian aid.

Here, of course, they try to engage in fishing and agriculture, but not very successfully because of the arid climate and the constant conflicts.

The State of Palestine consists of two parts –

the Gaza Strip and the West Bank of the Jordan River. It is true that up to 59% of the West Bank is under the total control of Israel, which considers this territory its own and will not hand it over.

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