20 Spider-Man facts That You Didn’t Know

20 Spider-Man facts

Spider-Man is one of the most popular characters in the comics. Long before Robert Downey Jr wore Iron Man’s armor, Spider-Man was marvel’s face. The sixth Spider film and the first solo film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is considered one of the most anticipated films of 2017. To brighten the expectation of the image’s release, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with 20 Spider-Man facts that you may not know.

Spider-Man facts

Stan Lee came up with the idea for Spider-Man while watching a fly.

The prototype of Spider-Man’s friendly neighbor was a common fly on the wall. After the successful release of the Fantastic Four in 1961, Stan Lee spent the following year thinking of a new extravagant character. And an ordinary fly that flew into the office helped him with that.

Observing a winged insect climbing through the walls of the office, the comic book legend clearly understood what Marvel needed – a guy who could move on a vertical surface. The first nicknames for the new character were Insect-Man, Fly-Man and Mosquito-Man, until Stan Lee once again came up with the idea for Spider-Man. He then hired Steve Ditko to create a costume for an underage hero with spider powers and introduced him to Marvel CEO Martin Goodman, whose response was, “That’s the worst idea I’ve ever heard.” The rest, as they talk, is past.

Peter Parker is the second “Spider-Man”

Marvel bosses thought the original concept of Spider-Man was absurd – people hate spiders, teens are good just like helpers and superheroes shouldn’t be disgusting. So to find out the fan community’s reaction to the new character, Spider-Man was shown in Amazing Fantasy #15. The character was well received by fans and Goodman hired Lee to create his own comic line for the new superhero. So in 1963, The Amazing Spider-Man #1 saw the light of day.

Peter Parker wasn’t the first spider-themed character. In 1950s, monsters and science fiction comics were highly demanded. Thus, in the comic Journey into Mystery #73, appeared Spider-Man, who, under the influence of radioactive radiation, turned from an ordinary spider into a man. This character did not exist long ago, dying tragically at the end of the issue. Since then, 13 characters (not counting Peter) have been in the role of Spider-Man, including Gwen Stacy and Deadpool.

Spider-Man is Jewish

Spider-Man is an adept at Judaism, or at least that’s popular belief.

In superhero comics, they try not to raise religious themes, as an exception, one can only remember the Catholic Daredevil. But according to Andrew Garfield, who by the way is Jewish, Peter Parker’s neurotic state is an unmistakable sign of his religion, as is the fact that “he always thinks he’s not doing enough.

“Supporting this theory, according to the fan community, is Stanley Lieber’s admission (Stan Lee’s real name) that of the countless characters he has created over the years, Spider-Man is his closest alter ego. It’s also a thing to note that Stan Lee chose the historically Jewish-dominated locality of Forest Hills in Queens, New York, for Spiderman’s residence. Moreover, Lee compared Spidey to David of the Hebrew Bible, who, in addition to his famous victory over Goliath, was saved from death by the spider’s web.

He is a team player

In all film adaptations, with the exception of “Confrontation”, Spider-Man is presented as a “lone wolf”, disinterestedly fighting one by one with the villains. In fact, Spidey has a rich history of partnering with other superheroes.

The plot of Spider’s first solo comic revolved around Spider-Man’s demands to join the Fantastic Four. It’s true that he changed his mind when he learned that he would not receive any financial incentives for being a member of the team. When the Human Torch was killed, Peter even joined the ranks of a modernized version of the team, called the Foundation of the Future. He was also a member of the short-lived Fantastic Four with the Hulk, Wolverine and Ghost Rider. In addition, he has worked repeatedly side by side with the X-Men and The Outlaws. And since the 1960s, has often collaborated with the Avengers.

Peter has been in relationships with many women.


After Peter Parker’s first appearance in the comics, it was hard to see him as a man who would be popular with women. But before reaching the tenth edition, Spider-Man was already defeating the hooligans with strength and strength and was mouthed by girls.

Peter dated redhead Mary Jane Watson for a long time, even married her. It’s true he sold his marriage to the devil. You can also remember the high school love of Liz Allen, the secretary of the Daily Bugle Betty Brant, and, of course, Gwen Stacy. And how can you forget your relationship with Felicia Hardy, the famous anti-heroine nicknamed “The Black Cat?” Sissy Ironwood, sister of roommate, cousin of Gwen Stacy, Carlie Cooper, Kitty Pryde and even Captain Marvel. And this list can be continued.

Peter has radioactive sperm

The 2006 plot of “Spider-Man: Reign” shows peter parker’s life from an alternate reality after 30 years. An old Spider-Man is retired and Peter works as a florist. With corruption rampant in New York City, Peter decides to wear his dusty suit again to face the Sinister Sextet. In the meanwhile, Mary died because of tumor. The authors attributed the cause of the disease and subsequent death to Peter Parker’s radioactive sperm.

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Peter’s parents worked for S.H.I.E.L.D.

The story of an orphan boy raised by Aunt May and Uncle Ben, whose tragic death catalyzed Peter’s transformation into a superhero, has been a cliché. This is not like the story of Peter Parker’s guardians appeared in the comics. You were wrong if you thought it matched the version of Andrew Garfield’s film series that Peter’s parents were scientists.

In the late 1960s, it became known that Richard and Mary Parker were actually government agents working for S.H.I.E.L.D. They successfully completed missions around the world and once even saved Wolverine’s life. Richard and Mary died very soon after Peter Parker’s birth in a plane crash orchestrated by the Red Skull.

Spider-Man Died 3 Times

Like many superheroes, Spider-Man had to die. This first happened in 2005 in the plot of Spider-Man: The Other. Then Morlun tore off and ate Peter’s eye, and when he wanted to finally wipe out Spidey. Peter used all his strength to defeat the enemy, but then died of his injuries. After some time, emerged from the cocoon, alive and well.

In Ultimate Spider-Man #160 of 2011, Peter Parker was killed by the Green Goblin and replaced by Miles Morales. But Peter reappeared a few years later.

In Amazing Spider-Man #700 of 2012, Spider-Man died for the third time, this time at the hands of Doctor Octopus. But he died midway through – Peter Parker died in The Octopus’s body. And Peter’s body and Octopus’s conscience tried to prove for another year that it was best to do Spider-Man’s work. It didn’t work. Most fans didn’t like this result and Marvel brought Peter back to life with a new series.

Spider-Man saved the world from teenage pregnancy

Given the rich history of relationships with the opposite sex and the properties of their bodily fluids. You would think that Spider-Man would be the last guy to teach children about the consequences of unprotected sex. But in 1976, Marvel teamed up with the Planned Parenthood Federation of America to educate children about teen sex. After all, there is no better way to convey information to sexually active teens than through comics.

In The Amazing Spider-Man vs the Prodigy, a friendly neighbor confronts an evil alien who deliberately misinforms teens about the consequences of sex. Prodigy intended to encourage teens to start an intimate life, arguing that pregnancy is a great way to get rid of acne in adolescence. And also that pregnancy does not occur after the first sexual intercourse. Fortunately, Spider-Man exposed the lie and shoved webs down the villain’s throat. All accompanied by some useful advice on sex, masturbation (“won’t go crazy”), wet dreams and homosexuality (“being attracted to someone of the same sex doesn’t mean you’re gay or never be”).

spiderman facts

He almost ruined Marvel

The plot of Spider-Man: The Clone Saga was Marvel’s response to DC’s extremely popular storyline – Death of Superman and Batman: Knightfall.

The Clone Saga, which ran from 1994 to 1996, told the story that Peter Parker is not the real Spider-Man, but just one of several clones. Most fans didn’t like this upset. This, along with some other reasons, led Marvel to declare bankruptcy in 1996. It was a difficult time for the company, forcing it to even resort to selling lockers from its office. From 1994 to 1996, Marvel shares fell from $35 to $2 per share, and a third of the company’s employees were laid off. These events led the administration to begin looking for new sources of income. And then the company turned its attention to the film industry.

He collaborated with Superman, Batman, Transformers and Obama

Not surprisingly, while living in New York, Spider-Man was able to collaborate with many characters. You may remember helping daredevil when Peter went blind, eating hot dogs in Loki’s company. Or his joint adventures with Deadpool, and several crossovers have given us even more interesting knowledge.

In Transformers #3, Jay Jonah Jameson sends Peter Parker to Oregon to capture the battles between the Decepticons and the Autobots. Spider-Man, of course, saves the day by wrapping Megatron in webs. Superman vs. the Spectacular Spider-Man, two superheroes were put against each other, but they had to unite to prevent the union of Lex Luthor and Doctor Octopus. In addition, Spidey, with Batman’s help, defeated Carnage, who entered into a criminal conspiracy with the Joker.

Spider-Man met U.S. President Barack Obama in 2008. Then two presidents appeared at the inauguration. Asking questions that only the real Obama could answer, Spider-Man discovered the fake Obama. Later turned out to be the Chameleon.

There were 8 animated series about Spider-Man, 2 series and a musical

Spider-Man’s first appearance on screen was in the animated series of the same name, which ran from 1967 to 1970. In 1981, two animated series about Peter Parker were released, which, however, did not last long on the air, and in 1994, the cult animated series Spider-Man: The Animated Series saw the light. Then there was Spider-Man without Limits and Spider-Man from MTV, in which Peter was voiced by Neil Patrick Harris. And in 2012, Ultimate Spider-Man was released, which continued the story of Spectacular Spider-Man in 2008.

The story of the series is much shorter. In 1977, Amazing Spider-Man was released, which was cancelled after two seasons, and in 1978, Spider-Man appeared in a Japanese television series in which Peter Parker was replaced by Takuya Yamashiro. Also not to mention Spidey Super Stories, a children’s educational program starring Spidey, and the musical Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark, staged by Bono and The Edge of the popular band U2.

James Cameron was close to filming a Spider-Man movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger

In the 1980s, the character’s rights went to Cannon Films. A company known for the films Delta Force and Missing in Action, starring Chuck Norris. It was assumed that Tom Cruise would play Peter Parker, Bob Hoskins – Doc Ock and Stan Lee would experience the image of J. John Jameson. If it were to shoot, this movie would be one of the craziest superhero movies ever made. Especially when you consider that the antagonist’s story was slightly rewritten. According to that version, he was a scientist who became a vampire.

A draft of the script ended up on the desk of James Cameron, who received a review classified as R. Cameron wanted to film the love scene of Spider-Man with Mary Jane at the top of the Brooklyn Bridge. Which was accompanied by a discussion about the mating rituals of spiders. Cameron suggested that Edward Furlong, best known for playing John Connor in Terminator 2, as Spider-Man, Leonardo DiCaprio as Harry Osborn, Drew Barrymore as Gwen Stacy and Doctor Octopus be played by Arnold Schwarzenegger. And this script remained only a script, but some aspects of it migrated to the films of Sam Raimi, for example, the organic web. Sadly, Arnie was not among those aspects.

Leonardo DiCaprio, Jake Gyllenhaal and Charlie Sheen could have played Spider-Man

Although James Cameron left the project, Sony’s management did not abandon the idea of filming the film. They invited Leonardo DiCaprio to the lead role, but he ceded that right to his good friend, Tobey Maguire. In 2012, when the decision was made to restart the series, Josh Hutcherson, Michael Cera, Robert Pattinson and several other young Hollywood actors were considered for the role before Andrew Garfield took over the role. And in the 1990s, according to Charlie Sheen, he was also close to experiencing the image of Spider-Man.

Jake Gyllenhaal was closer to the role of Spidey. He received the offer after Tobey Maguire suffered a back injury between the first and second film. Jake even began training for the role, but Maguire managed to recover early in filming.

michael jackson

Michael Jackson tried to buy Marvel to become Spider-Man

Michael Jackson was a big fan of Spider-Man and wanted to play Spider-Man in the film. He reached Stan Lee many times for buying the film rights. When this approach to business led to nothing, Michael Jackson decided to simply buy the entire Marvel Company. However, the parties did not reach an agreement on the financial issue. The asking price of $1 billion frustrated Michael’s dream of making the film.

Some Quick Spider-Man Facts:

  • A musical was staged about Spider-Man.
  • Spider-Man is Ph.D.
  • The Character of Spider-Man is 59 years old.
  • There are 14 alternate versions of the character.
  • Spider-Man’s Web – biodegradable
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